Saturday, 10 November 2007

Prioritisation and Procrastination

I am vaguely aware that I have quite a few projects in hand. Some of them have deadlines, like the daisy hat for the baby could be taken to her by her uncle and auntie who are visiting her for Thanksgiving, if I get a move on.

The Aria scarf needs to be ready for Christmas, which means ready to post on the something-teenth, which is a dawdle but only if I actually keep on knitting, not if I put it aside because I 'have plenty of time'.

And there's the scarf with pockets for Cara; I'm not sure whether that's a Christmas present or not.

And there's Mavis, the Noro sweater for my friend. (Mavis seems to me to be a very '50s name, I'm slightly surprised to see it in a Noro book. My mother had a friend called Mavis, who drove an Austin 7. Ancient car, even then, but very glam in its own way.) That's not urgent, but then again I don't want to leave it too long and get bored with it before I've started. The lower half of the body and the sleeves is in a chevron pattern which I expect will go quite quickly.

And there are other things; the blessed Kauni, which I am itching to return to, and another Christmas Scarf from Knitting New Scarves, although I don't know which one yet. And things which are lurking. I have another Errol to sew together, for instance.

I sort of think I should Make a List, but then I might feel overwhelmed instead of feeling pleasantly busy.

If I learnt to knit backwards, I would finish the Aria scarf slightly quicker, but maybe it would take me so long to learn that there would be an overall loss of time.

Or I could learn how to knit noodles and get nothing useful done at all.

Seriously though, interesting cast on.

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