Saturday, 17 November 2007

Amy Winehouse's Stunning Gig

I don't suppose Amy Winehouse knits, but this is the figure of her from Carol Meldrum's new book, Knitted Icons. That's because this post isn't about knitting, but this is meant to be a knitting blog. That podgy arm behind her belongs to Borat, but I've cut him out of the picture because he's a bit distracting in his thong.

A friend of mine was at Amy's gig at Glasgow Barrowlands on Friday, and he sent me an email this morning saying, 'I know I shouldn't expect any better but where are all the rave reviews of her stunning, flawless and sober performance from the Barrowlands last night?'

He's quite right. There are a few acknowledgements of the fact that it was a great gig but there are many more stories about her smoking on the plane and being grumpy at the airport. The fact that she gave a fabulous show should be news, but mysteriously it isn't. Who would want to be famous?

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