Wednesday, 7 November 2007

I finished the Tilted Block Scarf. I love, love, love it and I'm going to make one for myself just as soon as Christmas is out of the way.

One of the nice things about making it long enough to wrap around is that the shape forms peaks around your throat.

Do you see anything you want to borrow, Lindsay?

I've been trying out things with the Rowan Natural Silk Aran for my allergic god-daughter. I tried Shag but the yarn is just too fine and the result looked muddled.

I tried a bit of feather-and-fan. You can't go wrong with feather-and-fan, I always say, and the swatch looks good, but then I thought, 'What is the point of buying a book called Knitting New Scarves and then knitting a very old scarf?'

So I tried Twisted. This is a simple idea, once you've wrestled with it, but tricky enough for you to feel really clever when you get the hang of it. I've done a bit of 'double knitting' before, using the method where you slip alternate stitches, but this method is a little faster, I think.

However, the silk and linen in this yarn make it a bit unforgiving and I decided I would get sore hands if I continued. I'll do this one later, with wool.

I had another look through the patterns and came across Aria, which is the lovely ruffly sea creature. It was one of the first scarves I wanted to do in this book, and I think it will suit the yarn very well. It will suit the long, skinny style too. I'll cast on and see if I can find a film to go with it.


Helen said...

I found your blog! I hadn't realized you had one until you mentioned Google analytics in your note to Jean. I love the tilted squares scarf and look forward to more on the Aria. But you should also blog about books!

Knitting Linguist said...

Ooh -- those are fun patterns. I may have to try to find that book; I've been off scarves, but perhaps it's time to try again...