Monday, 2 July 2012

Cat and Clips

The cat-sitting went well. There wasn't any of this.

There was some of this

and quite a lot of this.

But there was lots of this

and this.

And even some of this.

She wasn't remotely interested in wool or knitting, so I managed to produce this.

It won't look like much to the uninitiated, but the cognoscenti will recognize it as a Shetland Triangle. I have knitted this pattern before, but it was the first piece of 'proper' lace I did and I was impatient to get it off the needles so it's rather small. This one is madelinetosh Merino Light in Denim and I plan to use the whole skein and perhaps some more.

Since I got home I've started something else, but that'll keep till my next post.

Henri has taken a new look at the awfulness of life.

I've written before about Heartburn, a favourite of mine, one of Nora Ephron's earlier films. I said then that I thought her films got softer and perhaps a little soppier and I wondered if this was down to the influence of the studios, but after reading her obituaries last week I thought that it might be the difference between having just been badly treated by Carl Bernstein, and being happily married to Nicholas Pileggi for 25 years.

Here she is toasting Meryl Streep.