Monday, 26 November 2007

Noro Cast On

I started my friend's Mavis on Saturday night. I cast on and did part of the first row. On Sunday I finished the first row and got a few rounds done. The first row was excruciating, because of trying to do YOs and K2togs while counting and making sure the yarn wasn't twisted, and allowing for the thick-and-thinness of the Silk Garden. The first row so often is excruciating and it must really put off new knitters because they think the whole thing is going to be like that and don't realize that the rest will be so much easier.

On Saturday and Sunday I was working on it in artificial light and it was only when I saw it today that I realized how lovely the colours are. It's shade 226 and it's not as bright in person.

I didn't really think what I was doing about knitting it in the round and I ended up with a slight mistakette, but I think I've resolved it. I've done a few more rows since the photo and am nearly at the end of the first ball of yarn, which seems a bit fast. I think I'll leave it for a while now, because I want to do some more Christmas knitting, and I just wanted to get this started so that I could be sure of how the stitch worked (a very simple chevron) and to see what the colours looked like. And so that I could tell my friend I've started in case she begins to panic.

I'm on the sixth and last ball of yarn for the Aria scarf so that should be done soon.

I forgot to show you this. It's the third Daisy Hat I've knitted from Itty Bitty Hats and the fourth hat for this baby. She turned out to be a girl and she's called Ellie.

It's made from Rowan Handknit Cotton in Sugar. I gave it to Ellie's aunt and uncle to take to the U.S., where Ellie lives, because they were going for Thanksgiving. I'm hoping to meet her at Christmas when she may be over here making an exchange visit.

I am missing my Kauni very much. I want so much to pick it up and see how the next colour change in the pattern works, but I must do some more other-people-knitting first. I just hope they appreciate it. But meanwhile, do go and have a look at this Kauni Christmas stocking pattern. It's the cutest thing, and there are a couple of other Kauni patterns too.


Knitting Linguist said...

That Noro is a gorgeous color! I can't wait to see how it knits up. I hope you get back to Kauni soon -- I've been wearing mine ad nauseum since finally finishing :)

Kate said...

My LYS just recently got in Noro and I'm having a crisis - no time to knit! I can't justify buying it when I've several projects waiting to be cast on as well. The yarn looks gorgeous in the jumper and I can imagine how well it would look in a simple garment like a wrap.

How are you enjoying the New Scarves KAL? I friend of mine, Taphophile, has just got the book so I'll send along the KAL deets to her. Jean's linked rib is going well; how's yours going?

My ISE4 pal, LK2, sent me sugar'n'cream to make washcloths when my brain fried while I wes preggers. I never even made those up but it's about to be used to make Christmas prezzie washcloths for my nieces and nephews who have everything except their own washcloths : )