Wednesday, 10 October 2012

Not So Grim After All

Perhaps because I was expecting it to be a chore, knitting the Doctor Who scarves hasn't been too bad so far. I've put in an inordinate amount of time in what can only be described as farting about, choosing the best needles. I started with a pair  of Boye straights, but they're 14 inches long and I can't get comfortable with them. I bought a KnitPro circ, but the points are awfully pointy and hurt my finger, so for the moment I've gone back to the Boyes. The yarn label says 10 1/2s (US) or 6.5mm , and the Boyes are 10 1/2, but in my needle gauge they definitely measure 8mm and that's the size of the KnitPro.

I should really buy an 8mm Addi metal circ, but I'm sure I must have one somewhere already so I'm reluctant, although I know I'll give up in the end.

The yarn is nice, a looser twist than I expect from a tweedy yarn, but it doesn't fall to bits or split. I'm doing the ends as I go along. There's actually another colour, a grey; that ball in the middle that looks grey is a light blue called Camper.

I bought f-a-r too much wool. I nearly laughed when I opened the door and saw the enormous parcel the postman had for me, so I think other people may be getting hats and cowls for their Christmases - another reason why I should get over myself and buy some needles in the right size.

Once I've got the right needle  I shall pick up speed. No doubt when I finish these I will be yearning to knit on tiny needles with fairy yarn, but someone has whispered to me that she is a tiny bit pregnant so that should fit in nicely. Time to dig out my copy of Zoe Mellor's lovely 50 Baby Bootees To Knit.

I hope that's better, Joan. I've changed the other one too :)