Thursday, 29 November 2007

Aria All Done

I finished Aria last night. I made it to the end of the sixth ball of Natural Silk Aran: it's 64 inches long just now but I expect it will stretch. I've hung it up so that it can.

The drapeyness of this yarn is just heavenly: it's soft enough to fold over double so that you get twice the frills on one edge. (My spell-checker didn't like 'drapeyness', but doesn't suggest anything else. It doesn't really like 'spell-checker' either, but I insist on hyphens.) It's worth clicking on the photograph to get the full glory of the yarn, and the frills.

I caught the end of My Cousin Vinnie, when I was finishing off the ends. It's one of my favourites; if I catch a bit of the courtroom scenes, I'm hooked. I always forget that it was directed by Jonathan Lynn, after he'd written Yes, Minister and Yes, Prime Minister, and then I look it up and remember again. It's difficult to come up with quotes from it because most of the funniest bits are exchanges rather than one-liners; the scenes between Joe Pesci and Marisa Tomei are a joy, even although they consist mostly of them bickering. Vinnie on being given breakfast on his first morning in Alabama - 'Sure, I've heard of grits. I just never actually seen a grit before.'

Blugger won't let me load any more photos of Aria tonight: it must be doing something more important. I'm not here tomorrow, but I'll post again properly on the weekend. Meanwhile you can go over to the Knitting New Scarves KAL and see what everybody else has been doing.


Knitting Linguist said...

Wow, that is a beautiful scarf -- the yarn looks absolutely luscious! And the ruffles really show it off :)

Juliet said...

that scarf is divine - I want to reach in and stroke it, will have to mosey on over and look at the scarves KAL - I love scarves, perfect project, love them and yours looks just too good the enlarged photo makes it look very stroke-able!

Knitting Linguist said...

Hi, again! Thanks for the doctor's waiting room tragedy sympathy :) I'm so glad I managed to salvage the lace! And I'm glad that other people get the knitter's irresistible urge to blog after a knitting kerfufle :)

lin said...
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