Monday, 29 October 2007

Kauni Disaster Averted

Something really annoying happened with the Kauni yarn. I was knitting along with Strand 1 going red, orange, yellow, green, blue and it turned back into blue, green, yellow and was beginning to be orange. I hadn't encountered a knot, so it must have been spliced quite well. And going backward? Does that mean the yarn is twisted the other way?

The yellow was turning into orange at about the same time as the other yarn was turning from red to orange, so I was going to be knitting the Zilboorg pattern (page 34) with two strands of yarn the same shade. Very Zen, don't you think?

I got sort of apoplectic for a while, I mean I could have handled an abrupt change of colour with a great big knot because I would have seen that and dealt with it before I'd knitted another 20 rows of pattern, but having this sneak up on me was a bit much.

However, I eventually decided to be philosophical about it - in the Alan Bennett way; 'Be philosophical about it, don't give it another thought!' I cut the yarn and pulled the other end from the centre of the ball, tied a great big knot in it, and carried on.

I've decided it was actually a blessing in disguise because it will give me more colour combinations. In fact, I could do it deliberately after this pattern. Here we have yellow and blue together, which wouldn't have happened if the colours had continued correctly, and which is agreeably Monet-ish. And since then it's turned blue and orange, like blue corn chips and regular corn chips. Mmm, crispy snacks.


Knitting Linguist said...

Ooh! That's lovely -- the pattern is beautiful with this yarn. I know exactly what you mean about the colors coming together -- the same thing happened to me, only it took me a while before I was smart enough to rip back and reattach. Thanks for the compliment on the sweater; I promise I won't tell a soul about the v-neck thing ;)

grannypurple said...

Perhaps it's Kauni's way of changing the colour combos. I also found an abrupt change from dark blue to red, no knot or unevenness, and fortunately, no loss of contrast to the other colour, so things continue to be interesting..