Saturday, 17 November 2007

Linked Rib Again

Having been so clever when I started off the Linked Rib, I was pretty unimpressive when I picked it up again. Instead of separating the stitches as Lynne says, I separated them alternately. Why? I don't know.

It's like when I was starting Aria; the instructions quite clearly say to knit one tbl but instead I knitted one fb. Twice. So when I got to the next row, I had two extra stitches. I call this knitting blindness, although I suppose it's really pattern blindness. Sometimes I'm so busy thinking ahead that I can't actually see what's in front of me.

However, when I went round to see Jean, it was quite clear that she was getting on very well without any insights from me. She's doing it in Noro Silk Garden and getting on like a house on fire.

I have been doing some little fiddly knitting for a couple of the younger members of the family. There's a baby hat which you will see tomorrow, and something else.

Can you tell that this is?

Here's a clue.
Those of you have been enjoying the Kauni Jigsaw that I dedicated to Natalie might like to go to the Knitting New Scarves Knitalong and see the really fiendish one I've put on the sidebar there. It's a close-up of my tweedy Tilted Tiles Scarf.

Someday soon somebody is going to ask me what I do with my spare time and I am going to have to say that I take photographs of my knitting, turn them into jigsaws, and put them up on the internet. A likely story, indeed.


Vivienne said...

Weirdly, I managed the tweedy Tilted Tiles one in 8 minutes and 25 seconds, which appears to be a new fastest time, whereas the Kauni jigsaw took me over 11 minutes.

Helen said...

I'm the opposite--took absurdly long for the fiendish one but did fine on the Kauni. I think these are a bad influence!