Thursday, 1 November 2007

Kaffe Fasset Sock Yarn Hat

Jean suggested that I write up the pattern for the Kaffe Fassett sock yarn hat. I'm not sure that I can remember what I did.

I think I used a 3.5mm needle (U.S. 4). That's quite big for sock yarn, but I didn't need a close texture. It was a 40cm circular, Addi turbo, that I'm sure of.

The tension is 30 stitches to four inches on a smaller needle, so I think I guessed about 7 stitches to one inch. My head is 22 inches around, plus a little for luck, plus a little more because I didn't want it too tight, so altogether it was about 170 stitches. Most people could do with a lot less than that, I expect.

Then I knitted until I thought, Omigod, I'm not going to have enough yarn left, which was about 7.5 inches, and then I started decreasing fairly fast, knit 4, knit 2 tog, for a few rows and then a bit faster. This makes the top flattish. If I were making this for a child, I think I would do more of a stocking cap, or a dunce's cap, with a slow, tapering point.

Once I'd got down to three stitches and felt a bit more confident about having enough yarn, I knitted i-cord until it was long enough to knot.

I haven't blocked it because I expect the yarn will relax when I do, and I'm not sure I want it to.

Today I am being monogamous with the Shag scarf, and hope to finish it tomorrow. Let's hope the sun shines for the photos.

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