Tuesday, 4 December 2007

Full Length Aria

Here are some more pictures of the completed Aria.

It's been hanging up and has stretched a couple of inches, as it's quite heavy. I might roll it up soon and get it ready for wrapping and posting.

It's a very satisfactory shape and texture for rolling and draping and I'm really curious to see how different it will be when I make it in wool. It can be folded for frilly occasions,

or worn flat for more everyday events.
I was showing it to a friend and produced the three I've done from the book, which I have hanging on a coat hanger, and she said, 'Now that's just showing off.' I expect it is.

Aria doesn't actually do anything curvy at the ends: it's just the photo.

I went visiting on Friday night, and took the little pocketed scarf which I knitted recently for the person who can be seen in the new jigsaw. It was very warmly received and then enthusiastically worn the next day, and I received an order from the big brother as well. I said the pockets were handy for keeping your hands warm and he pointed out that they would also be useful for carrying Star Wars figures. I hadn't thought of that. He wants his in red and green and I didn't even ask if he wanted little hearts on the pockets as I didn't want to be withered with a glance. I might do stars instead.

Before I set off visiting, I had to start a new scarf project. I had been intending to do a new style from KNS, but I thought it might be a bad idea to be wrestling with six needles and swearing a lot when I was in company, especially the company of small people who might repeat it the next day, so what did I do but start another Shag. I'll show you that tomorrow.

Sorry I didn't keep my last promise about posting: I hope it didn't spoil your weekend :). I got sucked into YouTube for hours and didn't have any brain left.

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