Saturday, 20 October 2007

Picture-free post

My computer has had a nervous breakdown. It did one of those Microsoft Automatic Updates, re-booted and took it into its head to do a CHKDSK, and it's been quietly weeping in the corner ever since. It hasn't lost any files, it just can't remember what to do with them. Or how to find the Internet. Or how to play music. Or anything.

I'm using my neighbours' pc this afternoon - they're out watching a sporting event of some sort (rugby? what rugby?) - and I can't find the slot that would take the card from my camera, so this shall be short and sweet. Don't be disheartened though; my pc will be repaired or replaced early next week and I'll catch up then. Being computer-free, I have had more time for knitting, and have got worse RSI from knitting than I ever had from computering, which is a surprise.

Before I go, I must recommend Knitting New Scarves, by Lynne Barr, which I got last week. I am not always terribly enthusiastic about people who take a 'new', 'exciting' or 'architectural' approach to knitting, since I often find that these are terms used by publishers to describe the same old same old, i.e. very large needles, lumpy yarn and holey shawls. 'Spectacularly modern' and 'fun-to-make' are not usually terms that make my heart beat faster either, but this time they're actually true.

There are 27 patterns, some easy (one I worked out how to do it from looking at the picture, but it's still a brilliant idea) and some challenging. They are clearly photographed (by Tyllie Barbosa) in close-up and full-length. The instructions are clearly written and also very helpfully laid out with effective use of colour and type sizes. And most brilliant of all is the section for each scarf which has instructional photos. These were taken by the author and really are easy to understand - they're the photos you need. She says in her acknowledgements, 'Finally, but not minimally, thanks to my husband Doug. He rigged up an ingenious little photo studio, so I could take the instructional photos as I worked, clicking away with my foot, while my hands were busy knitting. ' I think we should all thank Doug too.

Until I can post pics, you can have a gaze here. There really are a lot of things I want to try.

I have nearly finished one scarf and have done a few inches of another. I am very tempted to combine this book with my stash and make everyone a scarf for Christmas - would that be too selfish?

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