Sunday, 28 October 2007

Another Zilboorg Pattern in Kauni

You haven't seen Kauni for a while. I finished the rows of little hearts and started another Zilboorg pattern. It's on page 34 and it's called 'Turcoman's Earring'. When I first started it, I couldn't understand why it didn't look like the sock in the book, until I worked out that she had reversed the light and dark yarns between the photo and the chart. She recommends that you try the patterns both ways as you get very different effects and I was looking to forward to the rainbow yarn doing that for me, but I had forgotten that momentarily.
There are no rows with long carry-overs, the occasional one with five stitches, where I choose to do a carry-over with the middle stitch, but nothing more than that. It's quite extraordinary the variety of forms and the elegance that she achieves with such simple variations.

If you think you can see a mistake in the above photo, it isn't. There is a Major Mistake, but you can't see it here; what you can see here is where the number of stitches in the pattern (14) doesn't go into the number of stitches in the row (240). I chose 240 because it would accommodate patterns of 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 8, 10 and 12, but I didn't think of 14. So at the end of the row (indicated by the large jadeite heart marker) there's a sort of coggle. Since this a sampler cushion, I am allowed to do that. I must remember not to photograph that bit again, but I tend to stop-n-snap at the end of a row.

Then, I had a problem. I'll do separate post about that.

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