Sunday, 7 October 2007

Jeans and a Sweater for Pooh

I told you I was going to knit some clothes for somebody's Pooh Bear. One the left, you can see what Pooh looked like when he was new.

This is what he looks like now. He has seen some hard loving. As well as needing some new clothes, it was thought that they might help hold him together.

I didn't use any of the patterns from Knitting for Children and their Teddies by Fiona McTague, because, although it's excellent, it doesn't actually have any patterns for bears of this very special shape; I did get all my ideas from it however.

It has lovely patterns for sweaters and hats and scarves, in child sizes and bear sizes, and they are so cute it's difficult not to make a fool of yourself while you're looking at the pictures. Lots of shrieking and cooing.

It has a handy little guide to How to Measure Your Teddy.

It has a pattern for a little pocket-size teddy with a l-o-n-g scarf.

The teddy will fit in the pocket on a child's scarf.

The only complaint I have about it is that it doesn't have schematics, a situation which usually reduces me to foul language, but one can't really curse in the presence of these pictures.

First of all, I made him a little pair of jeans, in Rowan All Seasons Cotton in Dusky, using the pattern for the trousers that accompany the stripy sweaters in the first photo. They became dungarees, held up by a single strap, so that they couldn't easily be removed by a certain Little Sister.

And then I made a little sweater in an apple green shade of Rowan Wool Cotton. I had offered to make a stripy sweater, to match one I knitted for his owner, but this offer was tactfully rejected and a single colour chosen. The sweater perhaps lacks elegance, but he does look well turned out.

I started about tea-time on Friday, and had them finished by the time I left after Saturday lunch, stopping only to eat, drink, have a game on PlayStation 2, and sleep. Otherwise I was kept pretty hard at it. Frequent cries of 'Is it ready yet?' kept me going.


iwouldratherbeknitting said...

Boy, is that a bear that has become 'real'.. from so much loving.. (aka.. the V Rabbit story.)

He looks much snazzier in his new clothing.

Anonymous said...

Yes, he looks much smarter now and is very cosy sitting on his bed in his new jumper. A much loved bear and a very happy wee boy.