Wednesday, 24 October 2007

Lynne Barr's Scarves

Now that I'm back in glorious technicolour, I thought I'd expand on Lynne Barr's Knitting New Scarves.

I love this undulating sea creature.

And I always like black and white together. Or charcoal and cream.

A simple idea, but if it's so simple then why didn't I think of it?

And the detail that makes these scarves achievable, the excellent instructional photos. Thanks again to Doug.
Does anyone fancy a knitalong?

I started this one, Parallelograms, with two yarns I've been sitting on like a broody hen; on the right, a lovely merino from A Piece of Vermont, and below, Cherry Tree Hill's discontinued Possum Paints Worsted, which is 70% merino and 30% possum (that's the New Zealand possum, not the North American one). Or is it Australian? The label doesn't say.

I've decided they're not the right yarns for this scarf, but I might try them without the diagonal. The possum is fabulous yarn and should make a very warm scarf, but it has absolutely no stitch definition. I think the best thing to do with it might be just to make a stocking stitch tube: I bought rather a lot of it under the impression that I was ordering the laceweight, and that might use it up. But the scarf is a good design.

Then I started Shag.
The yarn is some Debbie Bliss Maya (aka Soho) in a discontinued shade. The colours look wonderful on the ball, a mixture of grey, lilac, cream and petrol blue (it's worth clicking on the picture) but once knitted it tends to turn into an undistinguished smudge -and I speak as one who is quite fond of smudges. I've swatched it for a few things and never been satisfied, but I think it works better here, where there are lot of edges where the colour can catch the eye.

I read the instructions and thought I could wing it, count the rows in my head and that, and I ended up with this.If continued, it might make a good collar, but it's meant to be straight. So I started again, made myself a 17-row counter, and thought about what I was doing, and now I've got this.

The pink strand is my row-counter.

I put it down while I was circling the Kaffe Fassett hat, but I've picked it up again. I like it a lot, and am trying to decide who I know who is cutting-edge enough to wear it.


Gwen said...

"sitting on like a broody hen" - a much more active description than "marinating in the stash." Very nice!

What interesting scarves.

Moorecat said...

Definitely NZ possum. Aussie possums are protected, but they were misguidedly introduced to NZ some time ago, and are now in plague proportions and threatening wildlife and native vegetation over there.

Sort of like rabbits and foxes here in Australia.

I'm feeling very acquisitive about this new scarf book, and I have to say your post hasn't helped calm these flutterings ;)

Gretchen said...

If you still haven't found anyone to wear this scarf, I'm available.