Sunday, 28 October 2007

Noro Lara

I allowed myself to buy another couple of balls of Silk Garden and have done a bit more of my second Lara. I love the colours and the stripes are intensifying now that I'm past the sleeves and am on the sides: it is done in one piece, so I'm at the bit which goes from to hem over the shoulder. The straight needle which is rammed up the side isn't anything to do with the construction; I just put it in for the photo so that you can see more stripes. I've made the increases in the sides straighter this time, so that it's less fitting.

In theory, this should be last-resort knitting and I should be doing other things first, but I've had a spell of needing something mindless because I had subtitles to read, so this has come to the front. I have two more l-o-n-g Chinese films to watch (Film Four had a season), so knitting which requires counting or looking will slip to the back of the queue again.

A friend asked me to knit her something for last Christmas after she saw some Noro yarn, and I agreed. She settled on a pattern quite soon, Mavis from 'Naturally Noro', but has been quite incapable of choosing a shade, a problem that any of us can sympathise with. And unless one is enormously fortunate, it's difficult to find a shop which has a very wide range of colours; even if they stock Noro, they'll probably only have a few shades of each yarn, so a lot of her failing-to-choose has been done online. We ended up sitting at our computers last night, a few hundred miles apart, wrangling over the possibilities in Jannette's Silk Garden selection. I have had to warn her that if she doesn't choose soon, I may be tired of the project before I've started, something which has happened to me before when I've taken ages poring over a pattern and possible yarns. I hope this doesn't sound too mean, but I don't want to hate the project while I'm knitting it, or even worse, not knitting it and feeling guilty because I should be knitting it. I hope I will receive a parcel of Silk Garden soon. I'll let you know what colour she finally settles on.

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