Sunday, 20 December 2009


After that pause for reflection, I stormed on a little bit.

I chose a border for the Pinwheel Shawl. It's not as fancy as the last one I did, a little more modest.

It's the border from the Karen Shawl by Amy Swenson. I kept doing it back-to-front at first, but I got there in the end.

And I cast on for a Jyri cowl. I'm stiil not sure whether this is a swatch or the real thing: I'll decide when I've finished a repeat. I'm using markers just now but I expect the pattern will become readable shortly (I mean the pattern on the row below, not the pattern as printed on paper) and I will cast them aside.

The yarn is finer than it looked on the hank so I think it might be suited to a lacier style and the mountain peaks pattern may work better in something heavier, but I won't decide until I can see it properly. The Malabrigo Silky Merino is, of course, heaven.

I can't cast on for the front of Kaari until I find my 4.5mm Addi Turbo again. I had it when I cast on for the back, so it can't have gone very far. Can it? I feel I should point out that all my frogging and re-knitting with Kaari has been entirely my own fault. The pattern is simple, at least so far, and it's clearly written. It's just that I tend to speed-read, which is not a good technique for amything that's concisely written, and sometimes I jump to conclusions. I remember once as a very superior teenager being reduced to helpless laughter by a Wayside Pulpit that read 'Jumping to Conclusions is a Poor Sort of Exercise' so perhaps this is a judgment on me, being condemned endlessly to rip and re-do my knitting.

Christmas Movie Quotes Quiz tomorrow.


Elizabeth A. said...

Love it!!! I, too, was a very superior teenage (except in those days we were 'going through a phase'). I was always flying off the handle and jumping to conclusions!! happy Christmas! Elizabeth

Sea said...

Things always go adrift when you need them.
The more you need them......the harder they are to find...and if you give up and buy an alternative....the original appears..when it is too late to cancel the order!
Murphy's Law at it's best!

Knitting Linguist said...

Ha! I can imagine laughing at that one, too, except now it would be more of a wry sort of laughter... We have a business by the freeway that puts those sorts of things up on its business sign. Two of my favorites: Education bridges the gap/between your ears (somehow having it on two lines makes it funnier); Boycott shampoo. Demand real poo. I'm apparently easily entertained...

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...
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