Monday, 21 December 2009

Christmas Movie Quotes Quiz

I thought we would enjoy another Movie Quotes Quiz. They're all funny ones: the films may not be comedies, but the lines are drawn from their more light-hearted moments.

The pictures are not straightforward clues. They are of the actor who spoke the line, or the actor of whose character it was said. And none of the pics is from the relevant film.
(CHANGED: see ADDED 3.) I'm sorry the font keeps changing. It's because I cut and pasted, and I've given up trying to put it right.

1. Now it isn't that I don't like you, Susan, because, after all, in moments of quiet, I'm strangely drawn toward you, but - well, there haven't been any quiet moments.

Yes, of course, Lee, said by Cary Grant as Dr David Huxley to Katherine Hepburn as Susan Vance in Bringing Up Baby.

2. Nervous?

First time?
No, I've been nervous lots of times.

Yes, DougB, very close, although it was Robert Hays as Ted Stryker, the nervous pilot, in Airplane. I've put my My First Mister on my rental list.

3. You must think I was born yesterday.
Well, sometimes there's just no other possible explanation.

Marilyn Monroe and Jane Russell in Gentlemen Prefer Blondes. What a script, and the campest scene in mainstream cinema.

4. No bucks, no Buck Rogers

And the film I like so much I quoted it twice, The Right Stuff. Fred Ward as Gus Grissom, nearest the camera in the shot above.

5. Bite my ass, Krispy Kreme
Yes, Mary G., Julia Roberts in Erin Brockovich, to a colleague who criticizes her choice of clothes for the office

6. Do you two know each other?
Yeah, she's my fiancée.
Well, that would certainly explain the hostility.

Yes, Gretchen, it's Cousin Vinny, another of my longtime favourites. Marisa Tomei and Joe Pesci are wonderful together, and who knew Joe was a comic? Marisa is so beautiful and yet chews gum with distinction. Fred Gwynne played the Judge in this excerpt. It's full of great set pieces and if I catch the first five minutes, I'm hooked. More great lines from it here.

7. Every time I see that man’s hands, I’m so glad I don’t have to look at his feet.

This was said by one of the minor characters in White Mischief, of Gilbert Colville, the old Etonian who drove around Nairobi in an open-top Rolls Royce with a couple of Masai herdsmen. You can just see him in this tiny snap with the lovely Greta Scacchi who played Lady Diana Delves-Broughton. They subsequently married - Gilbert and Lady Diana, I mean, not John and Greta, although they might make a fun couple.

This is John Hurt again, as Quentin Crisp in an Englishman in New York, which is due to be shown on ITV next Monday, 28 December. It's a sequel to the divine Naked Civil Servant and covers Crisp's later years in, yes, New York. I am looking forward to it very much, while simultaneously worrying in case it doesn't match up to the first one.

8. Who’s the best pilot you ever saw? You’re lookin’ at him!

Yes, two from the same film.

Dennis Quaid as Gordon 'Gordo' Cooper in The Right Stuff, second from the left in the hinty photo. Fancy not knowing that.

9. I'm not even supposed to be here. I'm just "Crewman Number Six." I'm expendable. I'm the guy in the episode who dies to prove how serious the situation is. I've gotta get outta here.

Punkin is right: this is from Galaxy Quest. As Lee guessed, said by the lovely Sam Rockwell in the character of Guy Fleegman.

Sam Rockwell as Charley Ford in the Assassination of Jesses James by etc. etc.

12. You aren't too smart, are you? I like that in a man.

Yes, Lee, Kathleen Turner as Matty Walker to William Hurt as Ned Racine in Body Heat, when she picks him up in the bar.

10. She's been diagnosed as a paranoid hypochondriac.
Doctors think she may be faking.

Yes, Mary G., it's Steve Martin in Dead Men Don't Wear Plaid.

I don’t know who I am, but I’m sure I have a lawyer.
Yes, Mary G., it's Goldie Hawn as Joanna Stayton in Overboard.
I think Goldie's underrated, probably because she's so cute. She has great comic timing.
Swing Shift is a satisfying film - it also has Christine Lahti,
Ed Harris and Fred Ward as well as Mr Hawn, Kurt Russell, which is good enough for me.

No prizes, just fun and an excuse to spend hours on the Internet.

ADDED: Raveller, I don't think I was expecting you to sneak some help from Google. I don't see any harm in looking up the actors in the photos and checking their films, and I think I was imagining that as the answers started to appear you could look clips up on YouTube and so on. But of course, it's entirely up to you...

ADDED 2: I've moved the photos so that they are now better clues. They appear below the relevant quote.

ADDED 3: I've added some more picture clues, stonking ones this time, from the film in question and showing the actor(s) quoted or described.

ADDED 4: I've posted all the answers. Lee and Mary G. are top girls.


punkin said...

#9 is Galaxy Quest! i think.

Mary Lou said...

Very sad that I only knew Galaxy Quest.

Raveller said...

Is it fair to look them up on the Internet, Helen? I could do that... and you're kind of hinting it's OKAY. I don't know a single one off the top of my head.

Lee said...

I got got one! I got one! Oh shoot, it was already gotten. I will say, however, it was Sam Rockwell, an actor who despite being remarkably prolific (and good)I have no real idea what he looks like.

Lee said...

Ooo! The first one is Cary Grant to Katherine Hepburn in Bringing Up Baby.

Anonymous said...

Is #6 from "My Cousin Vinny"? I only guess that because the picture of Marisa Tomei (if that IS her; my eyes are tired this morning) follows the quote.

The only quote I recognized without question is the one from "Galaxy Quest". We all seem to be fans here. . .

Anonymous said...

#5 was spoken by Julia Roberts in Erin Brockovich.

Mary G. in Texas

Lee said...

You aren't too smart, are you? I like that in a man.

Ok, I looked it up, but only for confirmation: Body Heat.

Also, the other speaker in #6 is Fred Gwynne, who I tend to think had better acting chops than he got to display (crummy sitcoms will do that to a career).

Anonymous said...

#11 Was said by Goldie Hawn in Overboard.

Mary G. in Texas

Anonymous said...

#10 was spoken by Steve Martin in Dead Men Don't Wear Plaid. (I had to think about this one for quite a while!)

Mary G. in Texas

DougB said...

number two has to be Julie Hagerty... but I'm not sure if she said that when she sat down at the cockpit in 'Airplane' (who would she say it to? Otto?) the other one is 'Lost in America', one of my many Brooks favorites, in which so many other great lines exist... "You are NEVER allowed to use the words nest and egg in the same sentence" being the most memorable.
By the way Helen, since you mentioned Christine Lahti, I'd like to suggest you see another Albert Brooks fave of ours... 'My First Mister'. He stars, Chris directs. I bet you'd like that one.
(I do know a couple more answers but won't be a hog!)-Doug

Shabby Baker said...

Awww I suck on remembering lines in movies, whatever movie are they. It's hard for me to remember these Christmas quotes from movies, while my kids can even speak them out when we're watching them.