Tuesday, 8 December 2009

Not Much Knitting

I expect there will be some rolling of eyes at this, but I am going to rip the second Kaari after all. I made a bit of progress with it and it was still awfully wide, so I sat down last night with measuring tape, pencil, paper, slide rule and calculator. It would appear that I'm getting four stitches to the inch, not four and a half. I don't want to go down a needle size because I think the fabic will be too stiff and I've noticed that I'm slower knitting Jet on 5mms than the 5.5mms that I'm using for the Pinwheel, so I shall go down a pattern size - or is it up? The next smaller one anyway. While I was rummaging, I came across an Addi Turbo circ in the right size so I'll use that instead of the rosewood Suzanne and that might speed me up a bit.

I haven't done any more on the Pinwheel because I've been so busy muttering over Kaari.

I watched Frozen River last night. I thought it was good, but I'm slightly surprised that it's up for a couple of Oscars. It's described on the DVD box as a thriller but I'd say there's more to it than that; I never felt particularly on tenterhooks but it has much more human interest than the average thriller. I always felt I was watching it; I didn't get drawn in, but perhaps that's because I watched it at home instead of in the cinema. I kept being distracted by the fact that although it was deep winter and very snowy (the river was frozen, after all) nobody was wearing a hat, even at night. I finally said this and my companion said, You know, I was thinking exactly the same thing. They didn't even fasten their quilted jackets and the times that we saw Melissa Leo getting dressed, I thought she should be putting on some warm underwear but she didn't. It sounds daft, but it was distracting. Charlie McDermott, the actor who played her teenage son, was very good - they all were, but he's young and deserves encouragement.

I've watched Moon twice now and I love it. I've still to watch all the extras and listen to all the commentaries but I think I'm going to become a Moon geek. Like all the best science fiction, it's not really about science at all but about human beings. It's difficult to say anything about it without giving away too much, so I won't, but it's not a secret that Sam Rockwell plays two roles in it. The first time I saw it I was very aware of this and thought about how they did it and so on, but the second time I forgot completely and just got absorbed in what was going on. Sam should be up for Best Actor and Best Supporting Actor.

It got Best British Independent Film at the BIFA awards this week, and Duncan Jones got Best Debut Director.

Lynne Barr of Knitting New Scarves and Reversible Knitting will be making a guest appearance on this blog on Friday as part of a blog tour she's doing - isn't that exciting? If you've got any questions of burning importance that you would like to ask her, please leave a comment here before Thursday eveningish (evening UK time) and we'll try to fit it in.

Mary Lou, I'm so excited to know that my website is dangerous (see Comments in previous post). You're right, it must be the jigsaws. I mean, it can get a bit tense around here sometimes, what with the ripping of Kaari and the mistakes in the lace, but I've never felt anyone was actually in danger.


Fiona said...

My sympathies regarding the frogging - worth it though, to get a result that you'll be happy with. And definitely no eye-rolling.

Mary Lou said...

So this afternoon I was at an event where Heather Rae the producer of Frozen River was speaking. She is Cherokee and spent part of her childhood in a trailer. It is close to zero F here today, and the wind is bitter. i can't tell you how many people i see with no hats. And a woman with an open coat complaining that she forgot her asthma inhaler.