Thursday, 3 December 2009

I Keep Thinking It's Friday

I cast on for the back of Kaari again and after a few inches it's still too wide - not as much as last time, but still too much. I don't want to go down a needle size because it'll make the fabric too stiff, so I think I'll just follow the pattern for one size smaller. Third time lucky.

So I'm rattling round the Pinwheel instead, which on checking Ravelry I have realized is my fourth, not my third. I've just reached the stage where I need to add markers. Part of the idea behind all this Jet knitting at the moment is that I will treat myself to something lacy over Christmas. I would like to do another Queen Anne's Lace and I have a stash of Kidsilk Spray in Medici, but I'm worried that the lace pattern will get lost in the splashes of pale, as they did in my Icarus.

Not only do I keep thinking it's Friday, but I keep thinking tomorrow's Saturday, which is making life complicated.

While I dither, and while I cast on Kaari for the third time, here are some shots from 100 Days in Glacier Park in Montana. Breathtaking.


Fiona said...

I wish it was Saturday tomorrow!

With Kaari, I'd suggest you go by the chest measurement and not worry about the width at the hem. The armholes are not deep, so it ends up with a nice neat fit. Anyway third time lucky, I am sure!

Raveller said...

Teasing us with Saturday! Honestly, Helen.

Thank you for the Glacier Park link, though. It's a site I'll return to,

Lee said...

My grandparents lived in Montana and I went to Glacier a couple of times as a small child. I only have a few memories (lots of cows!), one of my favorites is my grandmother telling my brother and I how bitterly disappointed she had been that our younger siblings had fallen asleep during their driving tour of the park. They were like 5 or 6 years old at the time, so I tend to think Grandma's expectations were a wee bit high. I tried to be interested, but I was more interested in the cows than the landscape (being only 8 or 9).

Anonymous said...

Thanks so much for the photo link. My parents were born and raised in Montana; I have journeyed through Yellowstone and elsewhere in the Rockies, but have yet to see Glacier. It's on my "must see" list.
-- Gretchen