Wednesday, 17 February 2010

Tiny Legwarmers All Done

I got the two pairs of legwarmers finished and sent them off with the headband.

The headband has gone down well.

I finished the last legwarmer quicker than I expected because my upstairs neighbour came down on Monday night with a dvd and a bottle of wine, and then I produced another dvd and perhaps another bottle of wine, and it all went on rather later than planned and I had finished an entire legwarmer. We watched Don Juan de Marco, which I imagine would be incredibly annoying if you took it too seriously but as a piece of fun went down well. It has Johnny Depp in it so it doesn't really matter. It was released the same year as Ed Wood, but isn't anything like as dazzling.

The Everest cowl is moving on. The lace pattern isn't making my heart beat very fast, but it might as I progress. I don't think I'm mad about knitting lace in the round: it's quite like Queen Anne's Lace, but it isn't as thrilling - I know QAL was knitted on circs, and was sort of in the round, but it wasn't a tube. I have mastered doing a purl stitch after a YO, something I always avoided in the past. One of the websites I consulted suggested leaving the yarn at the back and then inserting the needle into the purl stitch before bringing the yarn over, and that worked very well. The yarn is lovely anyway (Hedgehog Fibres pure cashmere lace).

I was rather taken with a couple of the other new Berroco books after being disappointed by the latest Norah Gaughan, so I got them from WEBS because I was too impatient to wait and see if anyone was going to stock them over here. The p&p was $5.40 which is about £3.42: Loop in London charged me £4 for delivery last time I got a Berroco book from them - I don't think Loop is overcharging, or at least not by much, but postage here has got very expensive.

The first is the Vintage Family book, a title which puzzled me until I realized that Vintage is the name of the yarn. I like the Australorp sweater a lot (it's a kind of chicken, to save you looking it up: all the pattern names are chickens, which at least means that they aren't duplicated on Ravelry).

And I like this Tuzo cardi while not being at all convinced that it would suit me. Or is it a shrug?

Maybe I just like it because it's turquoise: that's always a possibility.

The Sulmtaler sweater is given in adult and child sizes
and has these amazingly cool elbow patches.

Must. Have.

I also got the Origami book.
I really like the curvy hem on this, although I would have to lengthen the sleeves.

I've also ordered the new Knitscene because I liked so many things in that. Oooops. But I ordered that from Scottish Fibres so I'm not neglecting local suppliers altogether.

I've been wearing Kaari quite a lot: it's pilling but I'm assuming that's a temporary process while the fluffy stuff comes off and will stop soon. I'm ashamed to say that the pockets are still sewn on with white yarn, but I haven't worn it outside, just arouund the flat.

FilmFlex isn't the same as Netflix, Janet. It's a movies-on-demand service offered by my cable television provider; you order the film though the remote control and you have access to it for 24 hours and you can pause and fast-forward it and so on. I can remember years ago when such a service was being envisaged and it seemed quite extraordinary and magical, but unfortunately the films aren't usually very exciting. There's an awful lot of blockbusters and old, but not old enough, movies. It's a lot more expensive than renting a dvd too, but then on the other hand, you don't have to get off the couch. Not unless you've left the remote control at the other side of the room.

Janet also mentioned Grey Gardens. If you saw the original Grey Gardens documentary or the 2009 drama, you should enjoy this from the Mason-Dixon knitters.

If not, then you'll probably just be bewildered.


Raveller said...

You know, I could never get over the feeling that I was spying on two vulnerable eccentric women as I watched the original Grey Gardens. I could just never understand what was so great about that movie. It made me feel sad. Now this spoof is downright scary! The set bears a frightening resemblance to my living room at the moment!

Mary Lou said...

That looks like a very happy tiny pink person. I really liked Don Juan de Marco. The image of Marlon Brando as a beached whale dancing has stayed with me. And his willingness to have pictures of himself as young thin and handsome be part of the movie. And Johnny Depp of course.

Janet said...

Well, I liked that Mason-Dixon clip. I tried to hear it with screaming children in the background - they were having fun but I think I'm past the stage of enjoying NOISY EXCITED children - I just have a feeling that it is all going to turn to tears before too long.

ginaknits said...

This is much, much better than the 2009 movie. It is scary how close the bedroom is to looking like my bedroom though.

Tara said...

Where can I find the pattern for the cute headband? I would love to make one.