Wednesday, 3 February 2010

So Far, So Good

Jean and Spinning Fishwife were very helpful at lunch on Monday with ideas about the Everest cosy. I took my swatch and we passed it round and rubbed it on our faces: it was only later that I realized this might have looked a bit odd. I don't think the people at the next table left early. A wimple / cowl / smoke ring seems to be in order, which can be worn in a variety of ways, so I've been prowling Ravelry and am down to the final few. I think.

I've had ample opprotunity to test the warmth of my new Jet Kaari this week, as the central heating went phut on Monday morning. Jet is 70% wool and 30% alpaca, and I can testify that it holds up very well. I have been lurking in the room with the fire, but I was pretty comfortable. The only bit of me that was cold was the gaping neck and I was able to fill that with a cosy pashmina, so I was kept warm very satisfactorily by a trio of wool-bearing mammals.

The boiler guy came today and fitted a new pump. I have a horrible suspicion that the old one was full of mouse poop, but we won't think about that. I discovered at the end of last year that that was their favoured route into the kitchen, down the back of the boiler. However, the multi-front mouse deterrent seems to have worked well and there have been no signs for the last week or so. Consumption of bleach and disinfectant should fall dramatically.

I decided that it would be a good idea to send the one completed legwarmer to be tried on before I made the second one, and I got a call tonight to say that it fits perfectly. Cinderella's slipper didn't fit better. So that's good to know. I spoke to the small pink person and asked if her sister liked the Mary Jane hat. 'No, thanks,' she said.

I'm progressing satisfactorily with the Dapper waistcoat: the knitting isn't hugely exciting, but I can't stop looking at the colour. I've realized that it's the same shade as MttR's lovely Ali jacket. Wool Cotton gives a beautiful finish, makes you look like a very good knitter. It's too late to photograph it tonight, but there's not much to see anyway. I'm just about to start the decreases on the first front and have used one ball of yarn.

I don't know how much my readership overlaps with KMKat's, so here's another chance to see something that she posted recently in case you missed it. It's an ad for Pringle of Scotland, drawn by David Shrigley, showing life behind the scenes at Pringle.

Actually, it doesn't rain all the time. That's just on the west coast. The voiceover sounds so like a friend of mine, it makes me giggle every time I hear it. It's really Bridget McCann.

While I've been working on Dapper, I've been catching up on Series Two of The Big Bang Theory. Sometimes Sheldon is just so me.


Judith said...

Wonderful ad! Thanks for the laugh.

Susan said...

Just got back from our holiday. I took the "Girl With The Dragon Tattoo" what an excellent read. Yesterday I went out and bought the next one in hardback..ouch $$... I could not wait until it came out in paperback!! Thank you for the tip. I also read the Guernsey Literary and Potato Peel Pie Society also excellent, I had planned on reading it to my mother. Any other suggestions gratefully received.

Susan said...

Love the Pringle bit too. What a laugh...lolol I needed that.

Knitting Linguist said...

That's a lot of knitting! I'm glad to hear that the legwarmers went over well :)

Helen said...

Okay, maybe I DO want to give Big Bang Theory a second chance.
That was EXCELLENT on the Renn Faires!

lin said...
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