Wednesday, 3 March 2010

Inching Along

Sorry for the disgracefully long silence. I have been even more feeble than usual and there has been very little to report, in the way of knitting or anything else.

I've finished the second repeat of the pattern for the Everest Cowl, so I have another to go. That should make it the right length and I have enough yarn.

I don't think I'll be tempted to do any more than that; the pattern is pretty enough but doing it doesn't make my heart beat faster while I'm doing it. I don't know why one arrangement of YOs and k2togs should be more satisfying than another but it is, for me anyway. I'm rather taken by the Handkerchief Tee in the latest IK, but the lace is similar to this so I probably won't be bothered. It's a pretty shape though.

The East Wind pattern is good, though, well written and easy to understand. Because it's in the round there are no purl rows to trudge back along and although I miss having a rest and a change in rhythm, for some people that will be an advantage.

I don't often buy Knitscene- the last one I got was Winter 2005 - but I got the latest one because it has a couple of nice things in it, one of which at least wouldn't take too much knitting - the Tattoo Tank.

I must check whether it would work in Rowan's Summer Tweed. I have an embarrassing stash of ST from an abandoned project and this would use up, oh, at least a fifth of it.

Those of you with keen memories may be wondering what has happened to Dapper. It hasn't been abandoned, but I got to the stage where I realized that I was going to have to photocopy the pattern and scribble on it instead of just looking at it, and that took a few days to get round to. It's quite difficult to fit a Rowan mag into a copier, which is probably a good thing from their point of view. I've done it now but I haven't quite got round to co-ordinating the pattern, the knitting and the pen. I think there is also a suspicion at the back of my mind that if I put the Cowl down, I might not pick it up again in time.

To make up for the long silence, here's some more from School for Scoundrels.

I remember going to see this with my mother, probably not long after it came out. She was never one for trailing round shops, so if we had to go and buy shoes after school or something, we would bunk off afterwards to see a film. Sometimes it was the news cinema, for a newsreel and cartoons, and sometimes it was the latest Ealing comedy or a Powell and Pressburger. She took me to see my first 'X', Only Two Can Play, and I was a long way short of 16 at the time. I think I survived the experience without becoming hopelessly corrupted.

Here's the last scene of Scoundrels, just in case any of you were worrying that it didn't all come right at the end. Lovely flat, very modern, we thought.

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Janet said...

Helen - I told you about watching School for Scoundrels - now we've watched Goya's Ghosts. Talk about a contrast. Have you seen it? Am not sure I liked it but I enjoyed reading a review afterward.