Sunday, 31 January 2010

More and More Knitting

I baptised Kaari and dried it flat, and I'm very pleased with the result. I knew as soon as I first saw that pattern that I would knit it, so it almost doesn't seem new. I knitted a size smaller because I wasn't getting gauge and it's come out just the right size. I didn't make any alterations at all, although the neck is a very little shallower because I ran out of yarn. I'm wearing it as I type. Can you tell?

The neck has come out quite wide. Since I always planned to wear this over a tee shirt, this doesn't matter but when I make a summer one, I'll have to do something about it. I think it might be because of my narrow shoulders which don't hold it in place, so I'll just have to continue the front up a bit higher and think of a way of making the sleeves come up higher too. They have an unusual construction so it will take a bit of thinking, but it should be feasible. Or I could make it out of linen on large needles, and wear it over a cami. I'll think of something.

I've done one tiny legwarmer for the small pink person. I got my wires crossed and made it in stripes when apparently what is required is a plain legwarmer in ballet pink, so I'll finish these and then do the plain ones. It's RYC Cashmerino and some Wool Cotton from the stash. At least if these turn out to be the wrong size, I can get it right the second time. I made the pattern up.

I bought this skein of Habu Shosenshi, which I've been planning to get for a while: I already have some of it in grey and I have project in mind which will require two colours. More will be revealed. The shade is called Indigo, a very pale washed-out indigo.

The waiscoaty thing on the front of the latest Rowan mag, number 47, is meant to be made from Lenpur Linen, but I went with Rowan Wool Cotton. I won't be putting on the beads.

The colour is called Cypress, which I thought was a dark green but this is a sort of dusty turquoise, like verdigris but a little bluer. The vest, which is called Dapper, is knitted in one piece starting at the left front and is meant to be knitted without the front band and the armhole trims: they're added by picking up stitches at the end, but I've decided that I'm going to do it all in a oner. I expect I will realize why this is wrong when I'm nearly at the end, and there will be much smitting of the forehead, but I'm going to do it anyway.

I watched three more episodes of The West Wing on Saturday, and was greatly distressed to discover that there wasn't a fourth episode on the disk. I missed a lot of the seventh series the first time round, and it's interesting to watch it again anyway because we have discovered since that the writers based some of it on Obama's senate campaign. I consoled myself by watching some of the first series of The Big Bang Theory, which I was slow to discover and just love.

Here's a quickie.

And if you've got 10 minutes, here's some more.


Raveller said...

I LOVE Big Bang Theory! Thanks for the laugh.

Janet said...

Helen - you always have such good film recommendations - my husband and I loved the West Wing and no doubt will watch it again. Now I'll look for the Big Bang.

Janet, unpacking all sorts of treasures in Seattle

Mary Lou said...

I haven't seen Big Bang, but based on these, i'll check it out.

Fiona said...

I don't think there's going to be any smiting of the forehead at all with regard to Dapper - knitting the bands as you go is one of Kim Hargreaves' favourite techniques, I've noticed, and she seems to use it a lot nowadays. Strikes me as eminently sensible, too.

I am intrigued by the prospect of the forthcoming Habu Shosenshi project. Now what can that be?

needles said...

Big Bang is one of the funniest programs to come along in AGES. I just love it!

Knitting Linguist said...

Lovely knitting! I know what you mean about doing something my own way, only to realize, far too late, why the pattern-writer did it her way. I wish you luck!

BTW, love West Wing. I was very sad when it went off the air. Smart scripts are hard to come by sometimes, it seems.

rosesmama said...

Is this what I'm missing for not having TV? What have I done?!

Tekstil said...

In eastern Turkey, we say K├╝rdistan, handmade knitting is done. Thanks Helen. Good luck.