Wednesday, 7 May 2008

The Trellis Continues, Slowly

Well, I didn't start another Forest Canopy on the weekend. I have been progressing slowly with the Trellis. Thank you very much for the reassurances about knitting lace and staring at charts; it made me feel much better about my lack of progress. I am feeling more on top of the pattern now and am enjoying it a bit more and enduring it a bit less; I'm fairly confident that I will finish it and like it. I still love the look of the yarn. But it doesn't have me by the throat the way that the FC did.

The Forest Canopy pattern is available here, by the way, Sea. One of the links on Sea's blog is to this, the "Blog" of "Unnecessary" Quotation Marks, which has taken up an undue amount of my time. Connoisseurs of fine punctuation should check it out.

On Friday I received an item of mail that looked like a mouse in a jiffy bag (padded envelope). I couldn't remember buying a mouse on eBay but it was still a very pleasant surprise to open it up and find this instead. I hadn't expected it to be so tiny.
I was planning to use it for Boing!, but I was expecting it to be a semi-solid, and I want a bit of variegation in my Boing! so although I've wound it into a ball, I haven't cast on.

And thank you too for the offers to supply Kool Aid. Actually, Kool Aid is available in the UK; it's just that it's easy to get Grape and Cherry and Strawberry, but not so easy to track down Ice Blue Raspberry and other exotica. And I do tend to turn to eBay as my first line of supply for a lot of things. It's easier to pay and sellers are more likely to charge actual shipping than online shops who have a fixed delivery charge. I'm a bit tempted to accept your offer, Kathy, just so that I can say, 'Oh I always get my Kool Aid sent from Alaska; it's quite the best sort.' Pretentious, moi? But I have tracked down some of the elusive Ice Blue Raspberry in Norfolk, so I should have everything I need soon.

Today I watched the whole of the first series of Gavin and Stacey on dvd; and then I watched some of it over again, so I'm typing this with a Welsh accent in my head. I won't lie to you, it's very distracting.

But I am still looking for another lace pattern that will grab me by the hair and compel me in the way that the FC did. Maybe a Flower Basket.


Knitting Linguist said...

Mmmm....Malabrigo....Maybe it would be good for Anne's first little nothing scarf? Although that pattern was a bit more difficult for me (YMMV) than Gust or Boing were. I must say that I love the idea of proclaiming the exotic nature of one's Kool Aid :)

kathy in juneau said...

I'll keep watching for exotic Kool Aid varieties, just in case...

Anonymous said...

Now I must ask: which Malabrigo yarn is that? Weight and fiber content? The color may not be the semi-solid you wanted, but it is indeed gorgeous.
/s/ Gretchen

Viknits said...

Hey, just found your blog through Cinders' blog!
Totally love the Malabrigo, and the blog about unnecessary quotation marks - it's great!

I don't have chronic fatigue syndrome, but I do have chronic fatigue. Will be adding your blog to my faves!
Just thought - how about a shoalwater shawl? It's actually great for variagated yarn, when you get some ;)

grannypurple said...

I have done one small shawl, & am just beginning the interesting part of Icarus, with malabrigo laceweight. It is such heaven to feel--the softest merino ever. Recently, I stuck my hand in the pocket of a just-washed polar fleece, and found the felted(by mistake) remains of the first shawl, the softest little sausage of yarn, like a mouse. So I can report that it felts easily. Enjoy yours!

mames said...

thank you for the comment on KBBB. I really do love them, both the sweaters and the boys. and though the safety pin does work i might still muster some energy to work a proper closure.

the malabrigo is lovely...have you seen the lace ribbon scarf over at Knitty? i am not sure of the yardage on the malabrigo but i am enjoying the piece.

Kristina said...

Helen, I'd love to send you some exotic Canadian varieties of Koolaid (we must have arctic berry, surely... it's been a long time though) in exchange for some Walkers Salt n Shake crisps (DH, who is from Scotland, is whining since we ran out from a recent sortie to the UK).

What say you?

And - I won't be insulted if it doesn't grab you, but here's a free pattern for a lace scarf I came up with on my blog:



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