Monday, 26 May 2008

My Widget Isn't Working

Sorry about the long silence but I've not been at my pc as much as usual so I've had less opportunity for blogging. Partly this is because as I said in my last post, AdBlock isn't working and I've lost my Sage RSS reader so I'm feeling somewhat lost. I suspect this has something to do with the advent of Firefox 3. Did I download it? Well, I might have and I'm perfectly capable of having forgotten, but according to the Help, I've still got Version As also aforesaid, I wasn't greatly inclined to do anything about this as I've got a new pc and I was just going to start afresh with my new pc, rather than fix this one and then do it all over again on the new one.

But when I started to set up the new one, there's a problem with the monitor. Or, at least, it looks like it might be the monitor or it might be the pc. The pc thinks it's a CRT monitor when actually it's an LCD; is this because the pc's being silly, or is the monitor giving it misleading information? I rang Support today and spoke to someone for 17 minutes and in the course of that time he told me two things about the monitor which I later discovered to be wrong. They would like me to bring the monitor in so that they can check it with another pc and see where the fault lies. I said I would, but now I'm wondering.

On a more positive note, I rang my ISP today to ask why I was paying so much for my service when they're making spectacular offers to new customers, and wangled myself a substantial reduction in my subscription and an increase in my broadband speed - woohoo. I also asked about getting my new pc online and was given a bizarre answer, but it was accompanied by a £10 reduction in this month's bill so I agreed to it to give myself time to think.

On the negative side again, my downstairs neighbour has a leak in her kitchen which appears to be from my bathroom - this has no connection with the February leaks and will require another investigation and no doubt another ghastly bill. The only upside of this is that the leak is dripping into her kitchen sink so at least it's not causing major devastation.

As you can imagine, this has left little time for knitting, apart from the odd row carried out with clenched teeth while waiting for a pc to boot or someone to answer the phone. Oh, and Knitting Lace Triangles has arrived. It's as lovely as I'd hoped, the perfect mix between maths and lace, and I've already pretty well decided what patterns I'm going to use. I think I'll do a shawl for the Australian baby - this enterprising spinner is sending me two samples of appropriate yarns and I'll try them out next weekend. She also has an Etsy shop, All the Pretty Fibers. I think I'll go and do a repeat of the Swallowtail and think calming thoughts.

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Knitting Linguist said...

Oy. You have had a hard go of it lately! I hate computer problems. They make me cranky. (probably because I am no good at fixing them myself, and I hate having to rely on someone else to fix something I need on an everyday basis!) I hope the swallowtail repeats have had the desired calming effect :)