Wednesday, 28 May 2008

Hello, my baby; Hello, my honey

Well, Firefox is still providing a bit of entertainment and occupation. This morning it had completely re-set itself and forgotten everything it ever knew about me - I can't blame it entirely, because last night my old pc had yet another of its fainting fits and that probably did something dramatic. The good news is that AdBlock is working now, so I can stand to look at LOLCATS again. Life without LOLCATS has been very dull.


Firefox has thrown away all my bookmarks, but strangely it's kept all the URLs in the dropdown list at the thingmy - what's it called? The bit where you type in the URL? It's a bit like actually having amnesia yourself, when your browser forgets everything. What sites do I have on my home page? What blogs do I read? D*mned if I know.

Sad news about Sydney Pollack. Don't you love this photograph?

And did you manage to look at this without saying, 'I had a farm in A-a-a-a-frica,' in your Meryl Streep voice?

Tootsie is a film that I wasn't mad about when it came out, but which I feel warmer towards as time passes. I felt at the time that I didn't need men in Hollywood to bring feminist issues to my attention, whereas now I just enjoy the jokes. I love movies that are set behind the scenes in tv or films - Living in Oblivion, the first film I saw Steve Buscemi in (follow the photos link for some shots of Brad and Gwynnie at the premiere, quite funny), Day for Night, and Soapdish. There are always a lot of in jokes and you feel that the actors are enjoying themselves even if a lot of the jokes are about actors' vanity. I expect they're so vain they don't care.

On the subject of film trivia and feminism, I watched A Murder of Quality last night, an old television production of a John le Carré story. Lots of wonderful actors including Glenda Jackson and Denholm Elliott, and a very young Christian Bale, aged about 16 or 17. I was cruising around IMDB following up this and that, and I came across the fact that Christian Bale's father was married to Gloria Steinem. Eh? Well, no reason why he shouldn't have been, but still.


Lee said...

Your PC having fainting fits...what a *funny* image! Computers are such drama queens..

I used the "I had a farm in Africa..." paragraph for an answering machine message many years ago. But I'm so *not* Meryl..

Knitting Linguist said...

I'm glad that your computer is resolving at least *some* of its issues -- it's a pity about the amnesia, however :) And now I have MORE movies to watch!

Lee said...

Tag! You're it!