Thursday, 28 February 2008

Plumbers and Hats

I'm still not getting much knitting done. I started the snails on the Kauni, but I did it while plumbers were running up and down the stairs and shouting, so when I started the second round I found an rather enormous mistake quite soon. I was doing the pair of snails, so I've ripped it back and I'm now doing single snails, all heading in the same direction. It's not worth photographing yet, but I'll let you see it when the coils are beginning to show.

The plumbers are finished meanwhile, although the floor may need to come up again to see if any horrible damage has been done by the puddles. The news on the insurance front isn't too good, but having a dry floor is a considerable consolation.

Greatgranny, I don't know about 'binnock', but a bannock is a sort of bread. It's a large oatcake or a flatbread, a bit like a large scone, and if it was a few days old it would certainly be hard. There is a delicious variation on it called a Selkirk Bannock, which is full of sultanas and butter. A Selkirk Bannock allegedly has a shelf-life of two months, but I don't think I've ever made one last more than a couple of days. I eat it spread thickly with butter too. When I lived in London I sometimes startled my friends into silence by spreading butter on gingerbread, which is the way it's eaten in Scotland. Mmmm, butter.

The huge pink hat in the previous post is the Daisy Hat from Itty Bitty Hats, by Susan B. Anderson. I've knitted it three times in different sizes and this is the biggest. I think I must have knitted it quite loosely too. The Bunny hat in the jigsaw (see sidebar) is from the same book. You can't see them here, but it has the cutest bunny ears. And there are some more here - it's a wonderful book.

And Knittingwoman, I have added a hat jigsaw, just for you.


Jean said...

It is dreadful to hear that you've had enough water to affect the floor. What about the ceiling? Or was it bubbling up from below?

Horror, horror.

Knitting Linguist said...

A bannock looks a little like soda bread, then? Mmmm....soda bread... I think I know what I'm making after dinner tonight!

Off to do your new jigsaw...

Dawn in NL said...

Of course I put butter on my gingerbread. How else would you eat it? ;-)

Fingers crossed for the state of your floor.

All the best,