Wednesday, 6 February 2008

Nothing to See Here

I've done a bit of Mavis sleeve, but I think it'll be more exciting if you wait to see it when I'm further on.

No Boye knitting needles turned up today. I know that anxiously waiting for them is the worst thing to do and that if I forget about them they will arrive a lot sooner, but I can't seem to manage that.

I'm doing some admin for a lovely knitalong for Kristin Nicholas's designs. I always gasp in awe at photographs of her work although I haven't done any of her patterns myself yet. You know about me and indecision; it's hard enough for me to choose one colour but when there are five to be chosen, I almost go into a state of hibernation. Do go over and have a look at the picture of her glove. And there are jigsaws.


Knitting Linguist said...

Jigsaws? I don't think my heart can stand it :) Those colors are absolutely gorgeous together -- I really must plan another colorwork project soon, but I always go into a state of paralysis when it's time to choose!

Anonymous said...

i admit my heart speeded up too at the thought of new puzzles. The gloves are gorgeous and the puzzles very fun, thank you!!!

Oiyi said...

Those color combos are beautiful. I love looking at colorwork, but haven't found time to knit any yet.