Saturday, 5 January 2008

Meandering Wedges

Well, how long did you think I would hold out? I cast on for another scarf from Knitting New Scarves on Thursday.
I got to the end of the lacy bit in Mavis and then did something daft. And when I say 'daft', I mean really daft. I sat there knitting and thinking, 'I don't see how the tension can be the same on the chevron stitch and the stocking stitch,' but did I check the pattern? No. Thus, I missed the bit telling me about the decreases. So I put it to one side while I reconciled myself to ripping back a couple of rows, and I cast on with the Malabrigo in Polar Morn. I seem to have stumbled on a combination of Meandering Stripes and Stacked Wedges, because I have 21 stitches but three alternating blocks of right and left. Perhaps Meandering Wedges, since it isn't striped?

The pink cotton is to remind me at any given moment which is the 'top' side, as I tend to storm off in the wrong direction from time to time. I love knitting short rows because they make me feel as if I'm knitting faster and faster, and then I slow back down to a meander for a few rows and then speed up again.

Franklin said today that wearing a hat knitted from Malabrigo is like wearing a kitten on your head, and who am I to argue with Franklin? I'm looking forward to wrapping this kitten round my neck. I haven't decided how long I'm going to make it.

Corinna, Corinna was on this afternoon while I was knitting this. I don't usually do heartwarming, but it's a nice film. Great soundtrack and I love the cars. It maybe isn't understated, but it isn't overstated like some Hollywood films. The little girl is very good, and she's engaging rather than unbearably cute (didn't you just wish the dinosaurs in Jurassic Park would eat that little girl who keeps whining? I can't be the only one) and in fact all the kids are good, even the sons of the widow who has her eye on Ray. And the kid who makes the pretend phone calls, 'Ring, ring.'

It's been a bit colder lately, and we had a tiny amount of snow. I tried very hard to take some photographs of my bougainvillea flowering in the snow but of course I couldn't because it was impossible to get the flowers and the snow in focus at the same time. The bougainvillea are inside the widow and the snow is outside, but still, it's impressive.

For those of you who really like grey, I've put a jigsaw of a wedge on the Knitalong.


Vivienne said...

That's looking beautiful (and as my mother could tell you, grey is my favourite colour).

grannypurple said...

OOOOH that is a killer jigsaw. Between Jigzone & Ravelry, I'll have trouble getting to anything else.
I enjoy your blog so much!

Knitting Linguist said...

That scarf is gorgeous! I've just jumped on the malabrigo bandwagon myself, and I have to say, kittens is a very good comparison. Thanks for the new jigsaw - it's just what I need to put off work a little bit longer :)

Anonymous said...
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Spinningfishwife said...

Just wanted to mention that there was still plenty Kid Classic left at HK on Thursday morning. A lot of other Rowan too.