Friday, 11 January 2008

Meandering Malabrigo

I finished Meandering Wedges a couple of days ago and haven't really done anything since. I think I might have a slight touch of Januaryitis. I can't get on with Mavis until I've taken it back a row or two, and that needs a decent light and no distractions. I'm the distraction queen, so I haven't managed it yet. Definitely this weekend.It's 80 inches long, almost two skeins. I've got it wrapped round twice in this photo. I lost concentration a couple of times, so the wiggles don't entirely match the waggles, but that doesn't show in wear. It was a great knit, and I really like the finished item too, my reward for all the Xmas scarves I knitted for other people.

I think another reason for the Januaryitis is that I'm a bit uninterested in knitting with anything other than Malabrigo, especially pearly grey Malabrigo. I still have two balls left so they are playing on my mind a bit, emitting siren calls from the Beatrix Potter tote bag that they're sheltering in.
I suppose I could make a matching hat, but I don't think this is a matching hat sort of scarf. I think this is a scarf for wearing with classic black and no clutter.

I watched the French thriller Tell No One last night. Michael Caine recommended it on Jonathan's round-up on Film 2007. I read the book a while ago but had managed to forget the entire plot so I had plenty of surprises. It's good, stunning to look at and very tense. We were waiting for a curry to be delivered while we watched it and after about the first fifteen minutes I said to my friend, 'You know, when the doorbell rings, I think I'm going to have a heart attack.' I had a similar experience watching the last episode of The Sopranos: a friend came round with pizza (themed food, you see) but I was so tense throughout the episode that I don't think I chewed once. I don't eat take-away all the time, by the way, it just sounds like it here.

I did something stupid the other day (at least, I think it was my fault and not the software's) and deleted my blog feed list. I have tried to reconstruct the list but I still find myself thinking, 'So-and-so hasn't posted for a while,' and then I remember and check and discover that they've disappeared. I have the awful feeling that I've forgotten quite a few. I dare say there's a backup stored somewhere on my pc, but I thought that looking for that would probably take longer than reconstructing the list. The really annoying thing is that it happened a couple of days after I had had a clear-out, deleting people who hadn't posted for ages, or who had finished knitting the thing I was interested in, and I could have saved myself the trouble if I'd known I was going to delete them all by mistake. Maybe it was a judgment on me for doing that.


Knitting Linguist said...

That scarf turned out so well! And isn't the Malabrigo dreamy? I can't wait to knit with it again (soon, soon; but must finish the Stockinette Slog first...). BTW, sorry about the book enabling -- it seems I can't help myself!

Anonymous said...

One wonders... who made the cut?... and once you'd cut, who survived the stealth attack by the software?