Friday, 24 December 2010

Just a Quick One

I thought you would be riveted to know that I finished the Marsan Watch Cap in time. I even photographed it. It was a bit of a dash at the end, but that was more because I got up so late than anything else. And last night I took the time to do a Christmas manicure, which didn't really help.

I didn't do the foldy bit, because I decided the giftee would probably rather have it just as a beanie. I would have liked to do it, as a knitterly experiment, but I resisted.

I like the look of twisted rib very much and for a while I always did ribbing that way; I'm not sure why I stopped. Combined with the Malabrigo Worsted, it makes a beautifully bouncy and squidgy fabric.

Having done so much twisted rib in the last few days however, and up against a deadline, I now feel mysteriously drawn to doing several miles of stocking stitch in the round, so I'm not sure where that leaves Koolhaas. He might just get a nice plain hat instead, or come midnight I might be tempted again. We'll see.

In order to help me decide, I'm now going to have rather a lot to eat and drink. I hope you are too, and Merry Christmas.



Lovely nails! (Mine should look so nice.)

Happy Christmas to you, and yes, lots to eat and drink here at my house.

Judith said...

Happy Christmas, your nails match the hat perfectly!

amy said...

its amy here again;; i just love your nail polish--beautiful color on u!! merry christmas!! :)

Mary Lou said...

Merry Happy to you!

Knitting Linguist said...

Hey, your hat matches your nails!! Very nicely done, and congratulations on making your knitting deadline. I well understand the lure of miles of stockinette; I'll be waiting to see what you decide with bated breath :)