Thursday, 2 December 2010

Cold and Hot

Two pictures and a little film tonight.

One of a white UK, totally snowed out. You can see a little patch of green, although presumably in forty shades, on the west coast of Ireland. The image was received from a NASA satellite called Terra by the University of Dundee Satellite Receiving Station.

You can see lots of Scottish snow here.

Two, an ad which you may have seen before but which I think is worth resurrecting this week. Turn on the speakers.

And three, a cosy one of the Burberry Inspired Cowl, in Malabrigo Worsted. The colour is Amoroso.

I can't believe how fast this is knitting up. I knitted the above in an evening, although you have to bear in mind that the evening starts around 3.30 at the moment, and I stayed up late. Still. I can't believe how quickly the next pattern row comes along. The pattern is very good for such a squidgy yarn, as it's self-squidging.

Click on the picture and you can warm your hands at it.


Raveller said...

That's quite blinding. I am envious of people who can wear those shades.

Mary Lou said...

I have several skeins of Amoroso, it's gorgeous. And I am still laughing at the bad morning, I hadn't seen that. Are you able to be out and about? I thought I had piles of Christmas knitting and found out the boys I was doing hats for would prefer some sewn headband/earwarmers that I have made others in the past. Sweet. That's an afternoon of sewing and I'm done.

Raveller said...

Just came back and watched the Bad Morning video. That's a mistake you only make once. LOL

Knitting Linguist said...

I love that ad! That pretty much sums up my new work motto: You can't win for trying. :)

And you're right, that cowl could warm a building. I bet it's very fun to knit.

Lisa R-R said...

Your knitting projects look very tempting indeed. No wonder you are making such excellent progress.
Knitting seems the best antidote to winter storms.