Tuesday, 17 August 2010

Patience and a Crochet Hook

Sorry about the long silence. I have, as usual at this time of year, been very relapsey and pathetic. I always hope it won't happen but it unfailingly does. Galloping insomnia does help with the knitting though, albeit largely of the simpler kind. Billie is still progressing steadily and I'm doing the shaping for the first front armhole.

I finished the two baby hats, forgot to photograph them, and posted them along with the green stripy Pinwheel. Maybe I'll get a photo of them in situ.

The possible owner of the third arrived last night and is a girl, so she will be the actual owner. She's called Cora, which is rather lovely. Here is her hat. I've photographed it in a pot of lavender on the windowsill because I can't find a tidy place in the flat.

I've also started a denimy blanket for her, a Pinwheel in All Seasons Cotton Print. I'll do another couple of balls of the blue, and then finish off with a frilly edge in the pink.

You may have noticed a suspicious silence about the Blue Swallowtail. This wasn't because I had thrown it in a corner and forgotten about it, but because I kept on frogging it. I changed the lily of the valley pattern to a 12-stitch repeat as planned, so that it flowed from the 6-stitch earlier pattern. That all worked and I'm happy with that bit.

I had intended to alter the next pattern too. I put in a lifeline and then knitted it and ripped it three times. I kept on ending up too many sitches, and not in a good way. In the end, I just did the pattern as written, on a 10-stitch repeat. I finished that satisfactorily, removed the lifeline and started on the border. I didn't need to put in a lifeline before the border, did I? I mean, I've knitted that border plenty of times. Sigh. After about eight rows I finally listened to the voices, which were saying, 'This doesn't look right.' I tried inserting a lifeline after the fact, but that proved more difficult and likely to lead to insanity than just ripping it and picking up the stitches, which is where patience and the crochet hook came in.

Since I took this photo, I've finished the border and I'm now casting off. It's going to be a bit small, but that's fine. Fabulous yarn though; after all of this handling it is still smooth, unfrayed, bouncy and cheerful. Ella Rae Merino Lace, in the Seven Seas colourway. If I had to knit with one colourway for the rest of my life, this would be my choice. I cannot tire of the water and pebbles in it.

Oh and I finished the third pink Looped Bracelet and have sent them off to the set of girls they are for. The owner of the smallest one started school yesterday and was rather disappointed that she didn't learn to read during the three hours she was there.

Less knitting and more movies in the next post. Oh and some accidental yarn purchases. eBay is absolutely lethal at the moment.


Sea said...

Having worked in schools, I always find it endearing how new starters think they will go home after the first day being able to read.
The little hat is beautiful.

Mary Lou said...

lovely lavender - and I love your title. Could be good book name, Patience and a Crochet hook.

Anonymous said...

Lovely little hat posed in the beautiful lavender! When you mentioned the other two hats already sent off, with thoughts of getting photos in situ, I chuckled over the image of two sonograms with each wee one wearing a hat in his/her sonogram!

Love the comment about the child being disappointed at not learning how to read on the first day of school. Children can, unknowingly, be so funny!

Mary G. in Texas (who is doing a lot of ripping out herself, and it's only a doll skirt I'm knitting, for goodness sakes!)

Knitting Linguist said...

I'm sorry to hear that the season has smacked you; it's hard to hope it won't, and then have it happen anyway.

I agree with you -- that colorway is definitely a desert island colorway (now there's a potential blog post: which yarns, needles, and colorways would you take to a desert island, if you only had some set number you could have). I love the story about your young friend's disappointment in her learning curve!

Mette said...

I am really interested to see how your Billie turns out. It is a lovely pattern.