Friday, 25 June 2010

Nearly at the Nupps

I'm trying to decide whether or not to any more repeats of the budding lace pattern on the Swallowtail before I start on the lily of the valley section. I've done 18 repeats. I think I'll stop.

I'm sort of wondering about altering the lily of the valley section ever so slightly, by making it a couple of stitches wider. I feel that it's a pity that the two patterns don't flow from one to the other: it moves from a six-stitch repeat to a ten-stitch repeat, and I think it would look better if the second one were based on a twelve-stitch repeat. But would something go horribly wrong? I suppose the thing to do is to put in a lifeline and try it. I should probably put in a lifeline anyway.

I don't make a habit of polishing my needles, Mary Lou, but when I took them out of the bag they looked very dull and I didn't like the idea of brass oxide coming off on my lovely snowy yarn, so I did. I have to confess to keeping Brasso in the house, though, and I have been known to polish the letterbox, cough.

I spent an awful lot of time yesterday trying to upgrade my iPod Touch to iOS4. It kept hanging, so finally I told it to restore to the factory setting, did the upgrade, and then re-installed everything. It took no time at all. I think I've lost some music by doing this, but frankly it was either that or throw it out of the window so I feel I made the right choice. I was then disappointed to learn that some aspects of the upgrade don't apply to the model I have (2G) because it's all of a year old. Sigh. Strange how petulant one can get about not having a wallpaper photo behind the App icons.

On the plus side, having just had another birthday, I acquired a gadget to enhance my use of last year's gadget. Using my iPod Touch when I'm out is a haphazard business as free broadband isn't always available even when it's claimed to be (railway operators, are you listening?) and it hasn't been worthwhile my subscribing to BT OpenZone or anything of that sort because they are all time limited and I simply don't get out enough to justify buying a voucher that has to be used within three days. I knew that eventually someone would invent what I need, and they have and I think it's magical.

It's a Huawei E5830, a mobile broadband wireless modem that you can carry in your pocket. Mobile wireless is called MiFi so I'm going to call this my little Mo Fo. Not only does it give me wireless broadband access while it's in my pocket, but it supports 5 items altogether, so it can support my Touch, two friends' laptops and an iPad and a camera all at the same time. It can be used with a mobile broadband Pay As You Go card, which isn't time limited. I feel as if I'm living in the future. Where's my jetpack?


Anonymous said...

That little mifi/mofo is a great idea; I don't need it now but will keep it in mind.

Meanwhile, on the root-vegetable front, I happened to discover while browsing Webster's New World Dictionary that the word "rutabaga" originated in dialectical Swedish. So apparently the many Scandinavian immigrants in the US determined the vegetable's nomenclature in this country. Let one's eyes wander down the pages of a dictionary, and one learns the oddest things. . .
-- Gretchen

Knitting Linguist said...

Ooh, wow. I bet that's something you can only get where you are; we're desperately behind the times in mobile technology here, alas. (For example, it's much harder than it should be to get a sim card for one's phone when one leaves the country, and I've heard it's a lot easier elsewhere, sigh.)

Mary Lou said...

Thanks for saving me from trying to put the new OS on my year old ipod touch. And I love the MoFo. Wonder if I can get something like that here. And go for it with the alterations in Swallowtail. I imagine it was done the way it was to keep it simple.

Raveller said...

Wowser on the MoFo!

And let us know how the Swallowtail mods work out. I'd love to make another (it would be my third) and I would love to hear about your experience.