Friday, 28 May 2010

Dis 'n' Dat

I suppose we've all had our email about Franklin's latest project.

And I suppose we all know what we want for Christmas.

I finished Gaia. I did a Picot Bind Off and had 2 grams of yarn left over, which is theoretically enough to do another row, but I don't have any regrets about not trying to squeeze another one in.

I didn't think there was much point in blocking it properly, given how loosely spun the yarn is, but I've given it a bit of a steam.

These photographs don't begin to show how vivid the colours are: the green is much darker. The green is Teal Feather (but it's not teal), and the blue is Matisse Blue. I went through a panic of thinking they were brash but I've got over that. I think it will look lovely with jeans. I'm going to give it to a friend as a thank you and I think the colours will work well on her. (Can you hear my gritted teeth?) I have some lime green tissue to wrap it in, just what it needs.

I had to rip the BSJ back, because I Wasn't Paying Attention and I'd missed a step. I've caught up again.

I heard this week about another baby, one which I want to do something quite special for. I'm wondering if there might be a christening. Most of my friends are heathens, but there's a distinct possibility this one might be sprinkled. Meanwhile I've cast on the Pinwheel Blanket in All Seasons Cotton for the Dubai baby but the photograph was too dull, so you'll just have to imagine it in cream and jade green (Organic and Sea Spray).

Kangaroo were having a birthday sale and I fell over and bought some Kidsilk Aura in steel grey - I was wondering about an Opal, but I think it'll be another Miss Marple Shawl; I just can't resist that frill. I think I'll increase in every stitch for the border this time, instead of every second stitch.

But that's all vanilla knitting and I'm still dithering about what piece of lace to do. The baby shawl is very tempting, but so are other things. Zetor is nice. I might get some decisions made if I didn't keep watching Janelle Monae. What a girl.

Here she is live. Same song, with added hommage to James Brown.


Woolfest is on in a few weeks, on Friday 25 and Saturday 26 June. It looks as fab as ever, but I can't go this year for an accumulation of reasons. If I were going, I would catch the Scottish Fibres bus, which is excellent - it's the sort of bus which has large storage space underneath for stashing everyone's outrageous purchases. If you want to go on the bus, you can book it here. But do it soon, becaue if there isn't enough interest, there won't be no bus.

Not Knitting
I got this recently. Something for the Knitter who has Everything.

I wonder what 'extract' of cashmere is. It didn't cost any more than any other brand, so it can't be the finest pashmina. And in answer to your question, No, not at all.

Appropriately enough, it's that special time again, when the poo project falls due. I'm not finding it so hysterical this time: maybe I'm growing up at last. Still quite funny though.


Mary Lou said...

How about Lace + Baby + sock yarn? Check your email.

MttR said...

I had my granddaughter
sprinkled(can´t stop smiling at that expression)a few months ago and I made the little one a pair of vintage socks by Nancy Bush. It is special to knit for a christening.

Anonymous said...
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