Monday, 19 April 2010

Miss Marple Shawl in English

I translated the pattern for this shawl so that I could knit it myself and I offered it to the designer, Cécile Franconie. She says that it's OK for me to post it. Do have a look at her blog, Facile avec Cécile; I love that crocheted granny squares are called 'grannys'.

It appears that the simplest way to do this is for me to post the pattern here and have links added to Ravelry. The original Ravelry page for the shawl is here and the pattern is here and her blog post about it is here. She has other patterns on Ravelry here. I think that's everything. Phew. So, with the kind permission of the designer, here it is.

Miss Marple Shawl
By Cécile Franconie


1 ball Kureyon Sock yarn (or two balls of Rowan Felted Tweed and two balls of Rowan Kidsilk Haze, held together)
1 pair 5mm (US 8) needles, 1 pair 8mm (US 11) needles

4 stitch markers


Garter Stitch


YO - yarn over
kfb - knit through front and back of stitch, creating an extra stitch

sts - stitches

With 5mm (US 8) needles and one strand of each yarn held together, cast on 3 stitches
Row 1: K1, YO, K1, YO, K1 (5 sts)
Row 2: K
Row 3: K1, YO, K3, YO, K1 (7 sts)
Row 4: K
Row 5: K1, YO, K5, YO, K1 (9 sts)
Row 6: K
Row 7: K1, YO, K7, YO, K1 (11 sts)
Row 8: K
Row 9: K1, YO, K9, YO, K1 (13 sts)
Row 10: K
Row 11 (RS): K3, YO, K3, YO, place marker, K1, place marker, YO, K3, YO, K3
Row 12 and all following wrong side rows: K
Row 13 and all following right-side rows: K3, YO, K to marker, YO, K1, YO, marker, K to last 3 sts, YO, K3

Repeat Rows 12 and 13 until your knitting measures 50cm (20 inches), and then change to 8mm (US 11) needles.

Next Row: *K1, kfb*, repeat to end. This creates the frill around the hem.
Knit 6 rows of garter stitch.

Cast off (Bind off)
Knit 2 sts together, return stitch from right-hand needle to left-hand needle, and repeat - this takes a long time but it is worth it!

I made mine with a strand of Rowan Felted Tweed and a strand of Rowan Kidsilk Print, which is discontinued but you can still find it if you look. It took two entire balls of Felted Tweed but I had about half of the second ball of Kidsilk left over.

There's a very useful webpage of translations for knitting terms here.


Knitting Linguist said...

Ooh, that's very pretty! Thanks for the translation. I may just have to make that one out of some handspun sometime...

Raveller said...

It looks very cozy!

Artes da Natacha said...


Sunflowers said...

May 14,2010

Hello Helen..
Thank you for sharing this most beautiful Miss Marple Shawl...
I am anxious to try and knit it.

I have a problem in that I can't find anywhere on the Web - for Rowan Kidsilk Print.. No such yarn?
But there is a Biggy Print - is that what you used for your Miss Marple along with the Rowan Felted Tweed.

What colors did you choose?
I do love the Blue color of the one shown on Chronic Knitting Syndrome.

Here is my Email -

Thank you so much. Will wait to hear from you.


Anonymous said...

LOVE the shawl. Have you thought about creating a Miss Marple hat with a small crown and brim, felted?