Saturday, 24 April 2010

Things I Forgot to Say Last Time

I forgot to say that I finished the green Road to China Cowl and decided to give it to my neighbour's SO; that's my neighbour who's trekking to Everest Base Camp and for whom I made East West Everest. I thought someone who was facing such arduousness deserved it. I actually finished it in such haste, as they were packing the last of their antibiotics and tissues, that I didn't get a photo of it. I'm hoping there will be a photograph of it in situ.

They were due back on Wednesday this week, and they got back on Thursday night so they can't have been too delayed by the volcanic ash. Once they surface, I shall be all agog.

I'm still flogging on with Dapper. I can't believe that something so small (cropped sleeveless waistcoat) can be taking so long. I think the fairies must be coming in and frogging it after I've gone to bed.

One of the books that resurfaced during the recent re-shuffling was Zoe Mellor's bootees book.

I love this book and it couldn't have appeared at a better time, as there is a positive swarm of babies at the moment, with more on the horizon. I just got an email about a new one on Thursday.
I made these tiger feet once, but I can't remember who I gave them to.

The Ravelry page for the book is here. If you can look at the projects without squeaking, you're a better woman than I am.

I'm thinking of knitting a Baby Surprise Jacket for one of this year's arrivals, if I can dig out the pattern, or one of them as I think I have about three versions.

I had a stepladder I needed to get rid of, so I put a notice on it saying PLEASE HELP YOURSELF and left it outside beside the front door. I came back upstairs, filled the kettle and looked out of the kitchen window and there was a man scooting up the street with it. Whole thing must have taken about a minute.

The ospreys are back at Loch Garten. The parents, that is; none of the chicks seem to have made it back. The parents arrived back, separately, on the same dates as last year. If you asked human beings to do that, they wouldn't. It would be too complicated or something.

Anyway, here's EJ bringing back a fish (yes, I wish she was called EZ).

She's laid three eggs since then.


Judith said...

Did you hear the news item last week about the fake des res osprey nests complete with model ospreys conservationists have built in Dorset trying to attaract them to settle in the south!
Video here

Mary Lou said...

I wish I had a webcam for the Redtails in my tree. I am so anxious about egg laying. I saw them mating many times, so I have good hopes.

Anonymous said...

I'm glad the ospreys have returned and that you have again provided us with the link.

Mellor's baby bootee book does induce happy gurgling, not only in babies. "Tiger feet" remind me of my mother's old pair of round-the-house socks, known as "bee feet" in our family.
-- Gretchen

Raveller said...

The bootees look like fun. I'm envious as the blanket I am knitting is going on forever. Looking forward to hearing more about Everest.

Knitting Linguist said...

Yup, I made little squeal-y noises upon seeing those booties. The tiger ones are especially darling. I hope we get to see the in situ pictures of the Everest knitwear!