Tuesday, 18 August 2009

Not Quite There Yet, and Lace

You'll have noticed that there hasn't been a rapturous post about Anhinga. Well, first of all it took ages to dry. I had been too cautious when I spun it and it was pretty wet, plus the continuing high humidity here means that nothing's drying very well. I suppose the bamboo was just soaking up the moisture again from the air as fast as it was drying.

Anyway, I finally tried it on last night and the flap at the front has gone funny: it's all long and well, flappy. This can't be the pattern's fault because none of the others on Ravelry have done it, and it can't be the yarn's fault because Smashing Puffin's didn't do it; so I suppose it must be my fault. It might be the way I dried it. I'm going to wet it again, and this time I'll give it a fast spin and it should dry faster: I think the sheer weight of it while sopping may have stretched it. I suppose I could use the tumble-drier but I usually only use that in cases of national emergency.

But I do love it and I'm going to do a woollen one for the winter: I think I'll make it the next size up. I have some Jaeger Matchmaker Aran in Flannel grey and I'm trying to decide between how it works on 4mm needles and on 4.5mm.

I'm casting off the off-blog project. Click to see all those tiny, tiny stitches.

It's been re-purposed, and I think the person that I thought might be reading my blog isn't, so I'll let you see it when it's been blocked and tell you more about it.

And look what I got.

It's a custom order I placed with Fyberspates, pure silk in ivory, honey and gold. It arrived with perfect timing, as I was casting off the above lace. This has been re-purposed a couple of times since I had the original idea, but it's probably going to be a Nightsongs shawl, and not for me.

Jeni's business is taking off in a big way so she isn't doing any more custom orders; I feel so lucky to have scraped in with this one.


Sea said...

The wool is beautiful, as is the shawl.
You must feel gutted about the Anghina not quite turning out right. It's so frustrating when that happens.

Anonymous said...

That blond silk is glorious.

Maybe you could ask the Puffin to detail her Anhinga-finishing process. Good luck!
-- Gretchen

Fiona said...

Lots of pretty things! And I think that you have it right with the fast spin for Anhinga.

Susan said...

That looks like Mario's Queen Anne Lace shawl!!! Lovely. Honey and ivory and gold oh wow. Lucky person who gets this! Do you need my address????....*howling with laughter*

Knitting Linguist said...

Oh, wow. I adore the colors in that last skein of yarn! Lucky you :) I hope that the redrying works out for you -- it sounds like it might, and if worse comes to worst, try that tumble-dryer, it might just pull it into shape. The lace is looking gorgeous -- I can't wait to see it blocked out!

Raveller said...

Sweaters are so fickle. Good luck with the Anhinga.

Can't wait to see more of thr off-blog project.

Best wishes!