Tuesday, 7 July 2009

Knitting on Television

I was watching an old Law and Order the other night (now there's a novelty) and the baddie's wife was explaining something to Jack McCoy - the baddie was played by Michael McKean and I kept expecting him to break into some piece of stupidity (Spinal Tap) or outrageous ad libbing (Best in Show) but he was disappointingly normal. Good, but normal. And his wife was playing his wife.

Anyway, his wife was explaining when she knew something was wrong and she said it was on such and such a night... 'I was knitting. I do that when I'm bored.' Sharp intake of breath on my sofa.

She then thoroughy incriminated him (because she was the real baddie, having conned him into doing it) and at the end she said, '... and in all that time, I never dropped a stitch.'

I think Jack McCoy should have suspected her immediately. I mean, who knits when they're bored?


Sea said...

Never knit when am bored. To take my mind off things, yes. To occupy my mind, yes. Never because I am bored.

Raveller said...

Suspicious indeed. They probably just wanted to use the line, "And I never dropped a stitch."

Janet said...

Knit when I'm bored? What a strange idea. Or is it so strange - I knit in conjunction with something else - reading, riding as a passenger when I'm in a car, in meetings if possible, etc.