Monday, 6 July 2009


I was going to post this earlier, but the Internet went away. It was away for about five hours. I wanted to bid for something on eBay, but I couldn't. Very tiresome. My neighbours' Internets had gone away too. I tried to get eBay on my mobile, but it was so long since I last did that, that I and it had both forgotten how to do it.

Anyway, yes, Natalie and Fiona were right: it is a stocking stitch Baktus, known as a Karius. The edges are meant to roll and some people put decorations on the points, such as beads. I am going to do that with this one. I am in that state where I want to knit everyone a Baktus or a Karius for Christmas, with ribs and stripes and all the possible variations, but I expect that will pass.

The clue was the set of scales I finally bought, because you have to keep checking the weight of the remaining yarn until you're half way through and then you start decreasing.

Reversible Knitting again

I mentioned Reversible Knitting recently: a helpful commenter on Jean's blog pointed out that if you go to Melanie Falick's blog and scroll down, you will find a link in the sidebar to the book.

When you click on it, it pops open a slide-show of some spreads from the book. Jaw-dropping.


Lisa R-R said...

I too am hooked on Baktus. Have you seen the lacy version, with a row of eyelets every 8 rows?
Clearly everyone will need a Baktus (or Karius) this gift season, like the wrist warmers of yesteryear.
Lisa in Toronto

Sea said...

I looked it up, looks like a very useful accessory, much more useful than the idea of an ice cream cone holder. Where can I find the pattern, please?