Friday, 26 June 2009

Other, Less Clammy Women

When I first saw this on Mitchell and Webb last week, I replayed it about four times while emitting little shrieks of joy. It says everything about the differences between advertising aimed at women and at men.

Fuzzarelly has linked to it too, and lots of other good things. Great minds?


Woolybelle said...

You made my morning.

Anonymous said...

It says it all! So glad you found it for me.

Mary Lou said...

I almost spilled my tea. I love it. I sometimes watch spanish language tv here in US the commercials there are quite different. There is one for beer that gives a man 'charac-tare' that has a bunch of handsome young men competing to give an elderly woman their seat on the bus. And the one for male urinary frequency shows a man in shadow and ashamed. The us version has a bunch of dudes interrupting their various games to go pee. Pretty interesting.