Friday, 19 June 2009

More Grumbles about the Post Office

I have finished my finishing, on target.

First, Chrissy is done.
I think I might unpick the neck and do it again on smaller needles - I should really unpick the whole sweater and re-do it on smaller needles actually, but I think that probably isn't on the cards. You see the Different Dyelot Stripe across the front?

Well, that isn't just a different shade, it's a different weight; it forms an amusing modesty panel as a result. I used the needle size suggested in the pattern, the same size as my previous All Seasons Cotton sweater and I think this batch of yarn is just a lighter weight. I like the sweater and it's just the right flopping about sort of size and so-o-o comfortable, but it isn't quite right. The collar should sort of stand up but instead it stretches and it keeps sliding kittenishly off my shoulder. When I get round to re-doing the neck, I might just do a roll-over neckline instead of trying to get this yarn to do what it doesn't really want to do.

More successfully, here's Lara, a Debbie Bliss pattern knitted in shade 08 of Noro Silk Garden and upsized a bit.
The sleeves are a bit long but I like that, and altogther I'm very happy with it. I haven't done anything resembling blocking it yet, not even soaked it and dried it flat.

I'm going to wear it today with the lapis lazuli pendant that I got for my birthday.

My wonderful postman has just told me that he's going on holiday for three weeks, and it took me all my strength not to clutch at his legs as he walked away and beg, 'No, please don't go. Please stay and make sure I get all my mail when I should.' I wished him a happy holiday instead, but it was a struggle. I've just ordered a new camera from Amazon and I don't want it to disappear into the nether regions of the sorting office, or worse.

Our present sorting office is about a mile from my flat, and on the way to all sorts of places; we have just been sent notices saying that our sorting office is moving to an industrial estate 3.5 miles away and on the way to nowhere. This is of course 'part of our continuous drive to deliver great service to customers in Edinburgh.' You could have fooled me. I hope there's a special place in Hell for people who write that sort of Orwellian nonsense.

I've ordered the Berroco Norah Gaughan booklet that has the pattern for Anhinga. It's a terrible price (£3.50 postage, eeek), but I know I'll do it eventually so I might as well get it over with.

Grannypurple, your comment has reconciled me completely to my photos and I've sent off the one I need for the pass: the others have been chopped into very small pieces and thrown away.


Fiona said...

Very interested to read your thoughts on some of the ASC Organic being fractionally lighter in weight - I made an ASC sweater in this shade some while ago and had similar issues although the gauge was right, it is just somehow a bit too see-through and the neckline is too stretchy.

Your Chrissy, however, looks lovely.

ambermoggie said...

pity about the colour band Helen but I absolutely love Lara, the colour is incredible and will go perfectly with your lapis. Incidentally one of my favourite stones

Knitting Linguist said...

My goodness, I love the colors in your Lara! I bet it looks gorgeous with your lapis. I'm sorry about the mismatching yarn band in the Chrissy -- it's evenly-enough placed in the middle there, though, that it almost looks purposeful, which is maybe a good thing?

Raveller said...

The problem that you had with the neck of the Chrissy is the same problem that I had with the first dickie that I knit - the salmon coloured one. I didn't mention it at the time, and in fact I became reconciled to the fact that the neck was stretching out and sliding down.

I remember that I didn't quite follow the stitch instructions for the neck and that if you look at EZ's dickies, the neck parts all do stand up. I think it has something to do with the way you do the ribbing, I'll have to look it up and report back.