Wednesday, 27 May 2009

Spending Continues

Still not much to see in the way of knitting progress, as I am totally absorbed in the string bag / elaborate lace project that I'm doing off-blog.

The blue baby blanket (blue blanket for a baby, not a blanket for a blue baby, fortunately) arrived safely and was enthusiastically received. The baby's name is Isaac. The blanket grew a little when washed and I didn't really block it, just made sure it dried without any waves or coggles. Seven balls of All Seasons Cotton (and a tiny bit more) on 5mm needles made a Pinwheel that was 40 inches across. I've put a jigsaw in the sidebar - scroll way down.

Although there isn't much knitting to see, that doesn't mean I haven't been spending money. Oh no.

Fiona has been de-stashing and I got this heavenly silk.

There's quite a lot of it, enough for two shawls for instance, or something else drapey.

And I bought a nostepinne from Jessie at What Housework? Her husband made it from wood from one of their apple trees, in Vermont. How could I possibly resist?

The groove measures exactly an inch so that you can check your wraps-per-inch at a glance.

If you ever want a really good photograph of a pig for your desktop, try Jessie's blog. She has photographs of Milo the cat too and a lot of other animals, and it's a really good place to follow the seasons.

The first thing I'm going to do with the nostepinne is wind the skein of yarn I bought from Jessie ages ago, and then maybe I'll knit something with it and allow myself to buy another.
I've photoshopped these a bit to let you see the colours, but it's a dull day: they're a rich blend of blues and purples and some greens, but the greens seem to have disappeared when I pressed the button. Do click.

I'm thinking I'll use this for a Just Enough Ruffles; it would really show off the yarn. After all, I need more scarves, don't I?

Now that I have one, I really must find out how to pronounce 'nostepinne' - is it nostapinny? or noast-a-pin? or what?


Anonymous said...

"Noast-eh-pin-neh", with a Scandinavian lilt?
-- Gretchen

Knitting Linguist said...

Oh, my goodness. That silk is absolutely stunning. What kind is it? I adore those colors -- I can't wait to see what you decide to knit with it :)

I looked up "nostepinne" in the Oxford English Dictionary, and it's not there! It's not in Wikipedia, either, which surprises me less, but I'm feeling rather disappointed that the OED has not justified my faith in it...