Friday, 15 May 2009

Blue Circles

There's not a lot to see here. I finished the blue striped Pinwheel Blanket with two balls of the navy blue, Dusk. It's a lovely inky navy and it matches the nail polish I'm wearing just now. I always think that's so important, don't you?

I did a picot bind-off and actually managed to run out of yarn a few inches from the end, so I subbed a different duller dark blue which I already had. I tried it with a brightly coloured shade first, but it looked sort of naff, so I ripped it and used this instead.

The baby will never notice. I wanted to get it on its way quickly and I had the chance of being near a post office on Thursday, so I decided not to block it and just leave the edge wavy and I wrapped it up and wrote a note and set off.

Then, one unhelpful taxi-driver later, I was back home still with my parcel, so it looks like the knitting gods mean me to finish it properly. Meanwhile, here are the stripes.

It looks like a slice of cassata, doesn't it?

I've done some more of the secret project and last night I found the answer to a question which has long occupied me, how often can I look at a lace chart and do the wrong thing? Last night, it was twelve times. When I realized what I was doing wrong I put it down for a couple of hours while I fumed, and then picked it up again and took it back to the beginning of the row. It wasn't that bad really, and I'm steaming on now.

Lovely Lindsay lent me her copy of Breeze, which I am in love with.

I told myself I mustn't start another sweater until I've finished Chrissie (do you remember Chrissie? No, I expect not.). I really must dig her out and finish her off.

This is Georgie.

This is Rose.

I love that sideways rib. It's on Ruby as well.

Most of them are made from cotton yarns and my pore old hands aren't going to let me knit an entire adult sweater out of 100% cotton, but Georgie is meant to be made from RYC Pima Cotton DK which turns out to be the same tension as my old favourite Rowan Felted Tweed. Mmmm. That might be something to aim for.

If that doesn't make your heart faster, here's Nick Lowe. I'm going to see him in a couple of months and I hope he sings this.


Sea said...

Having to finish the edging off in a slightly different colour is just putting your individual stamp on things. :)
I made baby blankets for all three of my children, way back, the youngest is now 16. Whilst making the second one, I had enough wool for the squares, but ended up doing the edging in two contrasting colours. [The reason for doing the second one was my daughter was very attached to her's so I couldn't take it off her for the new baby,] and when the youngest was expected, the other two said I had to make the baby it's own blanket.
I've bought that wonderful scarf book you have knitted scarves from, am having fun experimenting, just off to track down something suitable for Black Pearls.

Raveller said...

Looks great - the blanket as well as Nick Lowe. This reminds me that it's time that I took my Hemlock Ring outside for a good stretching on the back lawn.

fleegle said...

I do love that blanket and I adore Georgie!

Don't use Law and Order to get info about the US. My husband was a police officer and he just laughed when he watched an episode.

Knitting Linguist said...

So many sweaters, so little time! I can see why you're having trouble not casting on, especially with the yarn chosen and everything :) The blanket looks beautiful -- the blues are just perfect. I'm sorry about that cab driver, though!

fleegle said...

Um, encase the in plastic and embed it in the bathroom wall. That's about the only place you possibly inspect daily. Other than a tattoo, which is a bit drastic, that's my suggestion :)

Cinders said...

i like your blanket and a gril must always match her knitting to her nail varnish!
the book looks lovely. I like 'Ruby'