Monday, 3 November 2008


I don't know what I'm going to do after Tuesday. For a start, I'll have to go to News Rehab and learn how to live without checking Huff Post incessantly.

I'll have to stop reading Alaskan blogs - except for Kathy's.

I'll have to stop checking YouTube for the latest campaign clips and the latest campaign fun.

I'll have to stop watching news programmes.

No, sorry, I mean I'll have to stop watching SNL.

Things wouldn't be the way they are in Iraq without your Mr B. and our Mr B., so what happens on Tuesday will have repercussions for us too.

I'll have to start taking an interest in British politics again, especially the by-election that we have coming up on Thursday,which is important to Scotland in a way that Westminster by-elections often aren't.

The BBC has actually sent someone up from London to tell us about it.

I'm going to have to get back down to earth. But first of all, I have to decide, should I stay up all night, or get up early on Wednesday morning?

Actually, given the time difference, I could probably get up quite late on Wednesday morning, but I think I'll find it difficult to wait. I remember, in the 1997 UK election, I kept going to bed and getting up again because I couldn't sleep and I had to get just one more news fix. And some of the states with earliest poll closing times of 7 p.m. EST are key battlegrounds - Indiana, Georgia, Virginia, and Kentucky. That's only 2 a.m. here (I think; I always get muddled when the clocks change).

Back on Earth

Spinning Fishwife corrupted me badly on the weekend by linking to some Mirasol bargains and I'm breathlessly awaiting the arrival of four skeins of dark blue Miski, the baby llama yarn.

Franklin's book of knitting cartoons, It Itches, is now available on Amazon UK and a copy is speeding on its way to me. Between cartoons and baby llamas, the postman will be lucky not to get ambushed tomorrow morning.

And what of the Pinwheel, you ask? Thanks very much for all your helpful suggestions, which I am still considering - although I should decide soon because the border would be a good occupation for sitting up late on Tuesday night...


Knitting Linguist said...

It's good to know I won't be the only one sitting up. Polls close here at 8 pm (which, if I have it right, will be 2 am your time Wednesday); we have some friends coming over with their kids to see the early returns. In the past there were some elections when they wouldn't announce the returns from any state until the West Coast polls had closed; we'll see if they're doing that again this year... Keep your fingers crossed for us, and if things don't work out as planned, do you have a spare bedroom?

Spinningfishwife said...

Hehehe...nice to know I'm a bad influence on at least one person. Going to knit a Forest Canopy out of it, by any chance???? *grin*

needles said...

Glad to know I'll be in good company while watching those returns. Here in Canada we had an election recently and NOBODY followed it like we're following the American one. Sad really, isn't it? But I for one can not resist watching such interesting history being made. It will have world-wide repercussions.

Interesting to read about the llama yarn. I have a pattern to knit and felt llamas. Something to do while sitting up and watching returns, methinks.

Cinders said...

Whilst politics bores me to death, having been constantly bombarded by the BBC and ITV, I'm routing for Obama. I'm not staying up I'll cathc the lunch time mews tommorrow.

Oh I looked at that Mirasol yarn. it looks gorgoeus. But I'm being very good at the mo. better remove myself from the temptation!!