Saturday, 1 November 2008

Decision Time

I'm still rolling along here: I keep meaning to pick up something else, but somehow I keep getting back on the hamster wheel and pedalling round.
I'm at the end of the second skein.
Elephant Man shot

I have to choose a border now. Thanks, Judith, for being so emphatic about needing vast quantities of yarn for the border; I suspected that but I probably would have done something silly if you hadn't confirmed it for me. My predictions have worked out quite well, and the diameter is now about 30 inches, which seems OK. I'll do one more round, and then I'll have 50 stitches in each section, 500 in all.

I've been going through the Ravelry pinwheels which actually discuss the border, and peering at the pictures.

The simplest borders are garter stitch or moss stitch (seed stitch): I'd like to do something more interesting than garter stitch, and my moss stitch never works very well. It tends to be saggy and baggy. I could do garter stitch with some YOs to make little holes, but that doesn't seem interesting enough - I'm not saying it's never interesting, I just don't think it's right for this yarn. I think the holes would disappear among all the white.

I thought of making a ruffle by increasing every second stitch, but I thought if I did that twice it might not be deep enough and I might be insane by then, gibbering of stitches and YOs - like I used to get when I was knitting curly whirlies.

A knitted-on-sideways border would be good with the variegated yarn, of course, since the stripes would be at right angles to the existing ones. That would be nice.

I could take the opportunity to learn to crochet and do a crocheted border, but I don't really think should practise with rather expensive yarn on something which is intended as a gift.

Some people have used a Nicky Epstein frill called Belle Epoque, which is in Knitting on the Edge. It's like the bell-shaped frill on the Mrs Beeton Wrist Warmers: I made a pair of these and the frill was a bit insane-making, but very worth it. You increase by 10 stitches over every 8 stitches, which I think means 1,125 stitches before you do the picot cast off. Eeeek. But it does look lovely.

I bought a copy of Greetings from Knit Café recently. When it came out, I thought I could live without it but I keep seeing the Slouchy Cardigan on Ravelry and decided I couldn't. I love unstructured, geometric clothes and I have just the yarn...

although I must finish the Noro Lara first. I couldn't knit that in the hot weather, but that's not a problem any more.

I've been thinking for a while about what to do with the Sulka Scarf I knitted a year ago. I've never worn it and although it's cosy and beautiful, I don't think I will. I might rip it and knit a neckwarmer for my cousin. He lives in Indiana and likes to ride his motorcycle to work, even in the winter.
This is him some years ago, with his Dad's motorbike (and his Mum). I thought something simple, which exploits its warmth, but is sufficiently manly. Maybe this is my chance to learn Fisherman's Rib.

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Knitting Linguist said...

Ah, yes, the border. I started my third skein of yarn this morning, and am about an inch and a bit in, at 49 stitches between markers. Does this mean I need to start my border (I was gonna give it a few more rows)? I'm thinking either moss stitch, or an applied i-cord, which I thought might look nice. Maybe that'd be an option with your yarn?