Thursday, 9 October 2008

Forest the Fifth

I thought this would be a little bit bigger. Still, I'm happy with it and I'm still taking little peeks at the colours because I like them so much. 

You're right, Knitting Linguist, it's the colours of irises, the yellow ones and the purpley blue ones. 

I used the wires again and this time I remembered to use them for the points, but in the end I took them out of the points and did those by hand. I find it easier to stretch and re-stretch the individual points one at a time.

After blocking, it's 68 inches wide by 34.
I've cast this on. It's the Flutter Scarf by Mim Felton, who also designed Icarus. I've had my eye on it for a while: I particularly like the bell shape at the ends. It has a provisional cast on and then you knit out to each end. 
I cast on late last night and then spent an hour trying to knit an unfamiliar chart with fine black yarn in a bad light. Not very clever, but I seem to have got away with it. I'm not sure that this is the best time of year  to start knitting with fine black yarn. I really must do something about getting a better light by my seat.
It's Kidsilk Night of course, in Starry Night, the sootiest black. It's already 14 inches wide.

Joan, I've reserved My Life Without Me, and Judith, I've got The Music Box and I'm going to watch it tomorrow.

If you haven't had enough above, here's some more.

Click to Mix and Solve
I couldn't do it and just clicked on Auto Solve, but perhaps you have more patience than I do.


Knitting Linguist said...

Ooh! A puzzle! And seriously, I adore that yarn. I think I tried to link to it from your last post, but it didn't go to a page with yarn; did you say where you'd gotten it and whether it's available online? (As if I needed more yarn...)

Judith said...

Great Puzzle...7.58mins and I usually find them hard. Love the forest canopy , I knit Swallowtails like you knit forest canopies. I think I have knitted 9 now but I have lost count as I was knitting them before I got in to Ravelry and before I had a camera so many have flown away.Enjoy the Music Box.

Spinningfishwife said...

Just under 8 minutes too, and I'm supposed to know the pattern, lol. Lovely colours. (I sent a link to N to show her, btw.)

Anonymous said...

just over 9 minutes.
I clearly need something constructive to do with my day. But I just couldn't bring myself to autosolve.....

Cinders said...

Thats a gorgoeus FC. I love the colours. what yarn did you use?

nellie said...

6:32 for the puzzle... as usual, fantastic knitting gorgeous colors.
I started my Brandon Mably cardigan today after winding all the skeins into balls..what a chore.

nancym said...

Have loved seeing your many forest canopies. I am making my first one and I am afraid of stopping too soon. How many repeats did you use on this one? I haven't made much lace so have no idea of how large it will get when blocking. ANy help appreciated.
Love reading your blog.