Monday, 1 September 2008


I didn't want the beads on Icarus to be too obtrusive, so I'm now worrying that they'll be totally invisible. I suspect that after blocking, they'll be fine. I wanted them to twinkle and that's what they do. I haven't put them right to the end of the wingtips, just on the tail - did Icarus have a tail?
I splurged and got Swarovski crystal beads, in black and clear and silver. They're impossible to photograph and it's finally dawned on me that the reason the pics of this come out so oddly is because the patches of black and white confuse the flash.

I just have a couple more rows to do in the greys, and then I'll switch to the black, which is called Starry Night. It's just been discontinued but someone was selling four balls on eBay tonight and I made a small killing, so instead of having nearly one ball left over, I'll have nearly four. That sounds like an excuse for a shawl. I hope it arrives soon.

In order to console myself for missing Old Maiden Aunt's appearance at K1 Yarns, I went to her website and got some. I had it in my head that I wanted variegated green yarn to make a pair of Salad Wristers for someone, but I changed my mind and got Espresso. They won't look like salad, but I think they'll have a nice fungussy appearance.

The last two paragraphs mean that I have bought 5 balls of yarn in the last few days, which isn't bad for someone who theoretically isn't buying yarn at the moment. I don't expect it's a record, though.

I came across this photograph at The Criterion Contraption.

It's Sergei Eisenstein and Walt Disney. Once you tear your eyes away from Walt's shoes, you can see Mickey beside them in the hedge.


Cinders said...

Your shawl is looking wonderful. I really amire the way you can get your head around lace. Mine is too foggy!!

Knitting Linguist said...

The shawl is lovely -- the beads are just perfect. And I'm very impressed with your yarn purchases!

Judith said...

Correspondent shoes!
Supposedly worn by dodgy males who would lead you astray but really lovely shoes.

Raveller said...

The beads will glitter and draw the eye when you move. The yarn looks like a painting!

Anonymous said...

Love your knitting, I am just learning. Love your blog, too.


fleegle said...

Oooo--love sparkley things! Pretty!