Thursday, 10 May 2007

Beginnings of Brandon Mably stripes

It's a real responsibility changing the colours in pattern by a master like Brandon Mably, and of course one is limited by the colours available in the yarn. I wanted to do this mostly in blue and for me the natural partner of blue
is green, but the greens in Rowan Summer Tweed are all quite sharp or acid - lime, pea etc., rather than the sea greens - so I went in the direction of pinks and lilac, although I did manage to sneak in the turquoise. There are three denim-y shades of blue in it, which I'm quite happy about.

I still think that the navy blue is too dark and too hard - it seems to have fewer flecks in it than the other shades. But there are only six stripes in that shade, so I'm hoping they'll provide a pleasing contrast rather than overwhelming the whole. The edges will be done in Denim, which is the medium of the denim-y shades: the other two are Powder and Navy.

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Terri Lynn said...

What beautiful blue hues and tonal values! Y have beautiful work goning on her, I want to see more! I love all your stripes and the colors are very tasty to my eye candy palette.

Thanks for remarking on my Turbulence! I felt the same about cables until I saw this sweater! Plus it being such a quick knit!